Researchers apparently found in jungle of Ecuador “The Lost City of the Giants”

Last year, a team of researchers discovered something that, in their opinion, is a pyramidal complex in the remote part the Amazonian jungle of Ecuador, previously unknown even to the inhabitants of this countries. Now author and researcher Bruce Fenton has completed the analysis finds and believes that this complex is the “Lost City giants. ”

ecuador-pyramidA photo from open sources

At the location of the find, one pyramidal structure was discovered titanic sizes, approximately 80 meters at the base and 80 meters tall. It consists of carved stone blocks of various shapes, each weighing about two tons; many hundreds of such blocks make up the walls of the building.

The top is a flat area, presumably used by priests for ceremonies or sacrifices. Around the pyramid, many carved stone artifacts and pottery. Many of these objects are apparently stone tools, used for the extraction and smelting of some metal ore. The style of the entire building and found objects indicate a certain unknown to scientists pre-Inca culture. However for more accurate Findings need further research, and Fenton and his team plan additional expeditions to the place in the near future excavations.

But what is already surprising now is that among found tools many have so cyclopean sizes that the average person is almost impossible to use, and this led Fenton to the assumption that they faced with one of the legendary lost cities of giants, well known in local Ecuadorian legends. Such places inspire great fear among modern Aboriginal tribes in this region, as it is believed that they are protected by powerful spirits or creatures from another world.

Local legends tell of gigantic people living in cities that later swallowed the jungle. And I must say that in the caves of this region and other parts of Ecuador are indeed already found the bones of giant people. And this particular complex on rumored was a great meeting place for various ancient tribes, and here tribes even came from Brazil because of the beliefs about a large importance and strong energy vibrations in this region.

To date, a team of researchers has identified several large hills next to the pyramid found, each of which has approximately equal dimensions to it. There is a good chance that in each of these hills is still an open pyramid. it can turn this place into a large and important pyramidal complex or the whole city.

Now an international team of experts on ancient megalithic pyramid constructions and technologies plans further expeditions to this complex for compiling accurate maps and shooting documentary chronicles of finds in this amazing place.


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