Riddle artifact called “London hammer”

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According to most scientists, the world’s first hammer was invented in the stone age. However, there is an instance on earth which is a joke to say -140 million years! So-called The London Hammer, found in 1934, according to scientific theory of evolution, was born in the era of dinosaurs. But who was the author of this iron instrument? To this question, experts cannot find the answer.

Random find

Once in 1934, a couple of Texas residents in love London (no wonder – in the United States, for example, there are Odessa, Moscow, Petersburg) decided to have a small picnic. After hearty lunch, the couple Han went for a walk along the cliffs that surrounded little town. Everything went as usual until Mrs. Emma Khan stumbled about a piece of split rock. Some detail made Emma bend over and raise a heavy stone. And it turned out to be a hammer.

A photo from open sources

It looks quite ordinary, although quite large – in length fifteen centimeters, with a wooden handle. But here is the strange thing: the hammer literally grew into a piece of limestone. In general, a couple chopped off a stone and decided to show the find to scientists.

The experts who examined the find made a unanimous conclusion: hoax. And they forgot about an incomprehensible artifact for a while.

Passion around the hammer began to flare up only in the 80s last century. Exactly at this time the creation was bought by creationists – people who reject the theory of evolution – and put up in the museum, claiming that the find is at least 100 million years old.

As Dr. K.E. Buff, Museum Director fossil antiquities in which this strange is now kept an instrument, the find comes from the Early Cretaceous, and, therefore, her age is millions of years.

In support of his words, the doctor said that the artifact was investigated by specialists of various scientific institutions, including famous Buttelevskoy laboratory (USA). It is venerable scientists set the date of manufacture of the find.

A photo from open sources

Firstly, the wooden handle on which the hammer is mounted, it’s already petrified outside, and inside it completely turned into coal. So, her age is also in the millions of years. Secondly, specialists at the Columbus (Ohio) Metallurgical Institute amazed the chemical composition of the hammer itself: 96.6% iron, 2.6% chlorine and 0.74% sulfur. No other impurities could be detected. So pure iron was not received in the entire history of terrestrial metallurgy.

Not a single bubble was detected in the metal. Iron quality even by modern standards, extremely high and causes a lot questions, since no metal content is detected, used in the metallurgical industry in production different grades of steel (such as, for example, manganese, cobalt, nickel, tungsten, vanadium or molybdenum).

There are also no impurities, and the percentage chlorine is unusually large. It is also surprising that no iron was found. no trace of carbon whereas in iron ore from earth deposits always contain carbon and other impurities.

And another sensational statement – the iron of the “London hammer” does not rust! When in 1934 a piece of rock with with an ingrown tool, the metal in one place was severely scratched. And for decades, not a single sign appeared on the scratch corrosion … From which Dr. Hans-Joachim Zilmer from Germany, in detail dealing with a mysterious find, concludes: “This the hammer is made by a technology unknown to us. ”

Versions and guesses

Naturally, after such a statement, the news of the miracle spread around the whole world. Around a strange object immediately began to flare up fierce debate. Some believed that the aliens from space who were repairing their flying saucer. (It’s strange that with such highly developed technology, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations used such a primitive means.)

After repairing their spaceship, they allegedly dropped the tool and forgot about him. According to another version, the hammer was made by earthlings who mastered moving in time. People from the future hunted dinosaurs. Apparently, one of these participants in the safari and sowed hammer.

A photo from open sources

An even more radical hypothesis is considering that in prehistoric times a meteorite with a unique chemical composition fell to the ground and grappled with a piece of wood.

Today the London Hammer is in the Museum of Evidence Creations located in Glen Rose (Texas, USA)

Many even consider the artifact to be a hoax. Some scholars advocate supporting age relict hypotheses in several million years of insufficient evidence. When the hammer was discovered by Max and Emma Khan, they did not record exactly where he was found. As a result of this, it is impossible to determine in which the geological layer was a hammer, which is the key factor to determine his age. Some even believe that he was never inside the earth, but was discovered on rock surface.

But what about the conclusion of the Battle Laboratory? But also with this research is more than foggy.

Buttel Laboratory says no hammer in the eye I saw. Actually, the owner of the hammer practically does not investigate it gives, even at very persistent requests, therefore allegations of composition and inability to rust – entirely on the conscience of the owner himself. By the way, the circumstances themselves and the location of the find vary from the mood of the owner.

Geologist Glen Kuban was skeptical of the hammer and wrote in 1997 year an article entitled “The London Hammer: The Prospective inappropriate artifact. “In it, in particular, Kuben indicated that the stone may contain materials that are more than 100 million years old, but it doesn’t mean rock formed around the hammer so long. Some limestones formed around artifacts, which are known to date back to the 20th century.

In turn, the owner of the artifact claims to have fossils in the stone surrounding the hammer, “contain small parts, indicating that they were not recycled, but are part of the original formation. “This suggests that fossils and the hammer appeared in the same time period that fossils were not interspersed in the material that formed stone around the hammer later.

The point in the dispute helped put another study. In the end 1990s owner gives consent to radiocarbon residue analysis wooden handle on which the hammer was mounted. It was believed that her age is in the millions of years. However laboratory studies have given the terms “from the present to 700 years ago.” Such a small variation was interpreted by the owner of the hammer as error that occurred during the study.

But, according to Glen Kuban, the hammer around which to build various extraterrestrial theories, nothing more than an ordinary tool miner of the XIX century. A hammer falling into a stone is explained simply: some minerals dissolve easily and harden again. If they put an object into the crevice of the rock and forgot it, he could very well “solder” into it.

So, did this hammer belong to the first American miners, being a tool at the age of several hundred years which survived accelerated petrification? Or this amazing find is evidence that on our planet the oldest did highly developed civilizations exist? For lack of evidence we can only guess.

Irina Erofeeva

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