Riddle of the Sealand Skull

Alien pilot crashed on Earth into prehistoric times, unlucky time traveler or guest from parallel universe? Or maybe it’s a representative extinct species, hybrid, or mutant? Hardly possible to say exactly what the Sealand skull is, but in one we can to be sure: it will certainly change our view of many things. Despite the fact that the skull was found back in 2007 in a Danish village Olstikke on the island of Sealand, the find remained practically unknown until 2010. Researchers from Veterinary Copenhagen High School (Veterinarian High School in Copenhagen), who studied the skull in 2008, concluded that he was obviously belonged to a mammal. On the other hand, they noted that some of its characteristics make it impossible to determine places in the classification system of Linnaeus. The riddle of the Sealand skullA photo from open sources This strange object was discovered during repair work. At first, the finder took him for a horse’s bone, because the house under which the drainpipes were repaired was once belonged to a butcher, and similar remains were scattered throughout to the yard. However, having examined the skull more closely, the worker noticed humanoid outlines. Excavations that followed almost immediately did not lead to the discovery of any other strange objects of this kind – archaeologists have found only fragments stone tools, including hammers, and animal bones. Despite that the skull was found in the same layer as the objects, related to the stone age, radiocarbon dating revealed that its owner lived between 1200 and 1280 years of our era. More Moreover, the object was found among old pipes, which means it was buried not earlier than 1900. That the skull fell underground relatively recently, the absence of other bones dating from the same time period. A photo from open sources Obviously, someone hid the skull for some time, after which he buried it. In turn, It is noteworthy that the inhabitants of Olstikke and neighboring villages told stories about a member of the mysterious “Order of the Light of Pegasus” (l’Ordre Lux Pegasos) who allegedly kept artifacts: several luminous unbreakable ceramic or metal objects, and also a deformed skull. According to the same stories, the skull came from the Balkans. In addition, it is known that it was also stored in France and Germany. If all of this is true, perhaps by scientists, though, it will be possible to find a place where the skull first came into the eyes of people. In addition, it is possible that a study of l’Ordre Lux Pegasos will help find other artifacts or learn something about their nature. However, unfortunately, very little is known about the order. Exist historical references according to which it was founded around 1350 and that it included famous figures art, science and culture, including Boccaccio, Shakespeare, Descartes, Thomas Jefferson and others. In addition, there was an assumption that the name of the order may come from the constellation Pegasus, that sheds some light on the origin of the skull. A photo from open sources Silendstky skull about one and a half times more than human. Probably his most prominent feature are giant eye sockets – probably the eyes that are in them were, could see well in the dark. Smooth surface skull indicates that the creature to whom he belonged, was well adapted to living in a cold environment. If we are talking about the remains of an alien, then obviously he lived on a distant planet or in a system with a rather dim star, perhaps an orange or red dwarf. It is worth noting that 51 Pegasi star in the constellation Pegasus is the first star solar type, in which the planet was discovered. Moreover, planets revolving around HR 8799 are the first to managed to shoot directly, and spectroscopic analysis of HD 209458 b gave scientists the first evidence of the existence of an aquatic steam outside the solar system.

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