Riddle people: Napoleon replaced the double?

A photo from open sources In the area of ​​the Egyptian pyramids were recently two human skeletons were discovered, male and female, by no means Pharaonic period. Nearby lay the remains of horses with saddles … And not is this find connected with the sensational legend of Napoleon Bonaparte – it occurred to archaeologists. This story concerns Egyptian expedition of the great commander … Here is this legend. once in Egypt, Napoleon was visited by a certain admirer of his. Of course, incognito, but with a hint of Polish origin … Obviously the celebrated general was glad to meet: the clairvoyant polka stayed with him at a party. So that the lady does not get bored, master, distracting from important military concerns, he allowed himself along with guest riding on horseback towards the exotic pyramids … In one of these promenades, they went only together, without accompanying. And it was necessary that this time A strong sandstorm broke out. The riders did not return, and the search didn’t lead to anything … The top of the generals didn’t want complications in this already unsuccessful military adventure. And here, as they say, to the catcher and the beast runs … Attention of the missing the commander was attracted by his smart and efficient double, whom Napoleon kept with him for safety reasons, in case it would have occurred to someone to commit an attempt on him. So by the way turned up double before got accustomed to the role that played it before the finale itself … But for the ascended and successful emperor alone there were few legends. At sunset, his stars, too, could not do without another double … They even called his real name – Francois Eugene Robo (he supposedly even had a nickname – “emperor”, for amazing similarity). When the time for Napoleon’s reference to St. Helena, remembered about Robo. To the village where he is returned, a royal special agent was sent to whom prescribed to keep an eye on the emperor’s double. But happened some kind of oversight or bribery – details can complete the imagination fiction writers, only Robo in 1818 disappeared without a trace, leaving the house and economy … Meanwhile, in the church archive of the native village of Robo it seems that a record was preserved that he was born here, but died … on St. Helena! There is supposedly a letter from the commandant St. Helena, dated 1818, in which he confidentially reports that Napoleon left the island … And by the testimonies of those who visited the ex-emperor that year, they it seemed that something strange was happening to him … So, he became forget some facts of his life, the handwriting has changed … No, direct evidence that Robo replaced the emperor in prison exist. But suspicions remained … Just like vague versions that the double was “played” by the demise, and he Napoleon hid from an island in an unknown direction … The demise itself Napoleon is also a mystery. In 2009, the group pathologists from the forensic department San Francisco suggested that the true cause of death were not cancer or poisoning, as previously thought, but … “excessive zeal of “doctors. On this thought prompted them to study various documents relating to the death of the emperor, for example, protocols autopsy of the body. Team Leader Dr. Stephen Karch said that doctors treating Bonaparte for stomach cancer gave him large doses the drug, which included antimony, potassium and tartar. The medicine was supposed to cause him vomiting, which the doctors found beneficial to the patient. In addition, they regularly put him an enema. This led to a deficiency of potassium in the body and, as a result, to heart disease and limiting the flow of blood to the brain, which and was the cause of death. Because it was originally put forward the version that Napoleon was poisoned. In 2001 during Examination of the remains in the emperor’s hair found arsenic. In fact in fact, this substance was most likely part of the medicine, which ultimately brought Bonaparte to the grave … If that, of course, indeed the great commander himself was … But back to Egyptian find. As you remember, two were found near the pyramids skeleton – men and women, as well as the remains of two horses. Moreover people and animals died already in the period of recent history … But what if the legend of the death of Bonaparte and his guest in a sandstorm is true and instead of a native of Corsica, won military victories and ruled France his double, which then, in turn, was replaced by another double? Where is the truth? Who then died on St. Helena and where did the real Napoleon or the one whom all the long time mistaken for the emperor? True, do not forget that before us just one of many historical myths …

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