Riddles of ancient civilizations. Polar Atlantis

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Scientists argue whether Atlantis existed and, if so, where is it to search? The ancestral home of humanity, a symbol of an ideal state, whose inhabitants possessed secret knowledge – that’s what they mean by Atlantis. In mythology, this country is opposed to Hyperborea – civilization, whose name is translated from Greek means “for limits of the north wind. “However, a number of scientists throughout the last centuries tried to prove that the legendary Atlantis before its death was located in the north. In other words, this is … and there is hyperborea. ADOPTED by modern evolutionary scientists version of the origin of Homo sapiens from the African savannah Valery DEMIN completely rejects. He, Doctor of Philosophy, author of several books on the search for the cradle of civilization, I am sure: of humanity is in those lands that are commonly called Russian North. And even further north – it is possible that in the area the poles. The natives considered them gods – WHAT your hypothesis? What is her scientific base? – Firstly, there are results nine of our expeditions. Found artifacts that require explanations. Secondly, an analysis of ancient texts. Such books like the Indian Rig Veda and Iranian Avesta, in Chinese and Tibetan historical chronicles, in the Germanic epic and Russian epics, in numerous myths and legends of different peoples of the world describes the northern ancestral home with polar phenomena – the northern shine, polar night and day, etc. According to ancient ideas, it was from the north that the ancestors of modern ethnic groups once migrated. There is reason to believe that before the climate beyond the Arctic Circle was much more favorable for living. Perhaps the mainland was washed a warm current like the Gulf Stream. Russian oceanographers found that in the interval 15-30 thousand years BC The Arctic was soft, and the Arctic Ocean was quite warm, despite the presence of glaciers on the continent. About the same Canadian and American scientists came to the conclusions. In their opinion, in times of the Wisconsin glaciation (about 70 thousand years ago) in the center of the Arctic Ocean was a zone of temperate climate. – You want to say that the civilization of the Hyperboreans was older than mammoths? – Yes, it existed 15–20 thousand years ago. AND had aircraft in its arsenal, it was highly developed civilization. In the holy books of many nations there is descriptions of contacts with “heavenly aliens.” The natives attributed these phenomena to the realm of the miraculous and considered the Hyperboreans gods or demigods. I think the vast majority of archaic myths, telling about the deeds of the gods and demigods – this is just clothed in esoteric form the true history of the earth. Atlanta from Svalbard – BUT WHY these “heavenly” the aliens “must have come from the polar regions? They Could be, I’m not afraid of the word, aliens. Svalbard Today. And 30 thousand years ago, in these places it was quite warm climate. – Well, I didn’t come up with all of this from a floundering bay. let’s Let’s see the background of the question. For a long time it was believed that the ancestral home of all civilizations was in the Middle East. In the twentieth century evolutionary scientists have transferred the cradle of mankind to Africa. But in Hindu, Buddhist and Vedic traditions were dominated by others. representation. The first of those who gave a serious scientific justification the polar concept of the origin of civilizations and world cultures was Frenchman Jean Sylvain Bailly – famous astronomer and public figure of the eighteenth century. Having studied the information available to him, Bayi came to to the conclusion that all available developments of the ancients are based on even more early achievements of an unknown (“lost”) people who possessed highly developed knowledge. Among other things, he analyzed astronomical calculations of antiquity and realized: those nations that are in The eighteenth century was attributed to the southern ethnic groups, previously inhabited the northern (often – polar) latitudes. Bayi first pointed to the polar the origin of the myth of the dying and resurrecting god, which is in many cultures. Ancient deities like Egyptian Osiris or Syrian Adonis (then migrated to Greco-Roman pantheon), in the distant past personified the sun. And it is like it is known that in the northern latitudes for several months hides behind horizon, giving way to a long polar night. Bayi calculated that The 40-day cycle preceding the resurrection of Osiris corresponds to the “dying and resurrection” of the Sun at a northern latitude of 68 degrees. It is here that it is worth looking for the ancestral home of the Egyptians with their solar cult Osiris. If we look at the map of the Eastern Hemisphere, we will see that the sixty-eighth parallel runs through the center of Kola peninsula, crosses the Yamal and Gulf of Ob, as well as extensive territories of Western and Eastern Siberia. Jean Bailly was sure that before the cold snap in the North Svalbard and other arctic territories were inhabited by powerful Atlanteans. Atlantes, he wrote, who left the island in the Arctic Sea, there are definitely hyperboreans – the inhabitants of a certain island, about which the Greeks told us so much. ” For Bailly, as for the ancient authors, Atlantis and Hyperborea were are identical. – Bayi lived in the eighteenth century, but since then science has stepped up far ahead. Genetics proved that all of modern mankind descended from a small, in a couple of thousand people, tribe that lived in East Africa. Atlantean aircraft? These bronze sculptures found in the Northern Urals. – All of humanity impossible to undergo genetic analysis. Along with this group others could exist. We know that in theory There are many white spots and contradictions in evolution. Only at the end of the twentieth century scientists admitted that Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons are completely independent troglodyte groups, not a sequential chain humanoids, as previously thought. And what are the facts of concealment the remains of anthropologists if their age is not fits into the scale accepted by the Darwinists ?! They gather dust in storerooms, they are not exhibited in museums, they are not written about in textbooks. The history of mankind is still shrouded in mystery. It is possible that along with primitive apes on the planet lived more intelligent creatures. A significant part of the population of Hyperborea died in the result of a planetary cataclysm, but some managed to take refuge in underground shelters and then spread south, forming new ethnic foci. RESEARCHER of the North, Doctor of Philosophy Valery DEMIN proves that the legendary Hyperborea existed in reality. And several centuries before him, he tried to do this and the legendary french scientist Jean Sylvain Bailly, what are we talking about told in the previous issue. – But WHO, besides Baye, is serious studied this problem? – Oh, this is a whole direction in science! Were here busy not only geographers and historians, but also linguists. At the end of XIX century rector of Boston University William Warren published a book “Paradise Found at the North Pole” – it has withstood 11 editions! On the Based on an analysis of extensive material, he showed that all archaic tales of the earthly paradise (Eden) are vague memories of the once-existing fertile land that was on Far North.

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