Riddles worse than Egyptian pyramids

Mysteries worse than Egyptian pyramidsPhotos from open sources of

There are many mysteries in the world, which are unique and inexplicable even famous Egyptian ones can surpass their origin the pyramids. Another thing is that the world knows much less about them, if not knows nothing at all, at least this statement is quite refers to the Russian layman.

True, thanks to the Internet today, you can “peek” almost (theoretically) to any corner of our planet and see this, from which, as they say, the heart stops beating or goosebumps. TO for example, someone made these giant blocks (obviously man-made creation) five thousand years ago. One such unit weighs more than 1200 tons This is not cement – construction is not at all clear to us material. Moreover, in our time, a relatively developed civilization there is simply no such technique that can lift these blocks. Yes and do such artificial blocks we are not yet able to.

It is striking that these blocks lasted five thousand years and not collapsed. What are they made of? It’s not even natural stone, and some kind of artificial building material. That would be unravel its composition and start building from such material modern houses and other structures. Build for centuries! Rather say for millennia …

And doesn’t it surprise humanity’s desire to penetrate the depths space, when on Earth itself there are so many mysteries? It is tantamount to how you, without solving one crossword puzzle, throw it and start unravel the next one. Some kind of childish attitude to everything. Not by chance one of the great noticed that humanity is still in infancy …

Egypt Pyramids

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