Romeo and Juliet have been at all times

Romeo and Juliet have been at all timesA photo from open sources

Grotto Diros, located in the Peloponnese (Greece), has become a place discovering a unique and very rare burial place.

During archaeological excavations, scientists discovered two skeletons, who were hugging. Examination showed that these are the remains men and women who, at the time of death, were under 25 years. The age of the burial itself is about 6 thousand years.

Scientists say the discovery of paired burials is a phenomenon extremely rare, and the burial of lovers who are in hugging each other, generally unique.

Nearby scientists discovered the remains of a woman and a man, containing fragments of arrows, as well as skeletons of two children. Besides of this, a 4-meter common grave with dozens of remains was found human bodies. These findings were slightly younger, therefore it can be argued: in this place people were buried for a long time.

It should be said that the fossilized skeletons of the ancient “Romeo” and “Juliet” was discovered by archaeologists as early as 2013, but reported they only talk about it the other day when the results of various expertise.


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