Russian scientists discovered at the bottom of the lake jaws of an unknown monster, in Antarctica six-meter crystals ice

Russian scientists dive into the ice lake Labynkyr in Yakutia. At the bottom of the lake, with the help of the tele-sonder were the remains of the jaws and skeleton of a large animal were found. Russian scientists found on the bottom of the lake the jaws of an unknown monster, in Antarctica six-meter ice crystalsPhotos from open sources RGO research team Dmitry Shiller sank to the bottom one of the coldest lakes in the world of Labynkyr. Earlier no one ever did not plunge into this lake, reports RBC. This achievement may to get into the Guinness Book of Records, says the Russian geographical society. According to the expedition, they try to take underwater surveys of the bottom and its cracks, as well as take samples of bottom water, flora and fauna. . Schiller succeeded deliver vegetation samples and video footage to the surface. As explained in the Russian Geographical Society, the materials will be delivered by researchers 1 February at approximately 20:00 Moscow time. Labynkyr Lake is famous for its geographical anomalies (the depth of the reservoir in the crack reaches 80 m): an unknown creature that local residents called the second Loch Ness monster. One of the researchers this area, the head of the geological party of the East Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences Viktor Tverdokhlebov in his notes noted that he saw in Labynkyr an unknown animal similar to giant fish. “It moved in an arc: first along the lake, then straight to us. As it gets closer, weird the numbness from which it gets colder inside swept me. Above the water the dark gray oval carcass rose slightly. On her background two symmetrical white spots, similar to eyes, and something like a stick sticking out of the body … Maybe a fin? We saw only a small part of the animal, but underwater guessed huge massive body. Before us was a predator, no doubt one of the strongest predators in the world, “he wrote.

Russian polar explorers while drilling to the Antarctic Lake Vostok discovered unusual giant ice crystals, which interested physicists from the Kurchatov Institute. The thing is that these crystals are not lake but continental ice, they have exceptionally regular shape, and their size is 5-6 meters, reports the television channel “MIR 24”.

Lake Vostok in Antarctica is a unique aquatic ecosystem that was isolated from the earth’s atmosphere and surface biosphere for millions of years. His study plays a huge role in the study of climate change in recent millennia.

At the beginning of February 2012, specialists of the drilling detachment 57th Russian Antarctic expedition after decades of drilling first penetrated the hidden under the four-kilometer stratum Antarctic ice lake. Analysis of the first water samples of the East showed that they practically do not contain microorganisms. Of a four-kilometer well, scientists so far raise only ice. A business in that the water from the lake rises under pressure in the well and freezes very quickly. Analysis of the extracted samples showed that microorganisms are not there. However, Russian scientists are sure that in the depths of the lake warms life. The water temperature there is a little higher. Now it’s necessary to develop a new technology for raising living water, not ice. This is very difficult to do, because the average annual temperature at Vostok station minus 58 degrees. Now in Antarctica summer. Air temperature does not fall below minus 40. In a month, active work can be curtailed due to harsh frosts.

Antarctica Water Loch Ness Monster

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