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Photos from open sources Astrologer Rahashan Ra returned from a trip to Egypt. Unlike many others travelers, he traced the pattern of the presence of solar characters in almost all ancient structures. Key to their understanding perhaps in the ability to use solar energy. Rahashan, you traveled by car time ““ between two times. ”What was the task? – Time travel, because I wanted to look deep into centuries. Naturally, previous civilizations possessed large knowledge than now. From which it follows that the previous did civilizations have much knowledge? – They possessed great knowledge is not technical. This is also evident from the inscriptions on walls, and the construction of buildings and structures. Everything was there subject to a single meaning. Now architecture is based in mostly in beauty, and then everything was subordinated to a certain rhythm, energy feasibility. Modern civilization – technocratic, and it is fundamentally different from the civilizations of the past. Your journey went through places related to the god Ra, personifying the energy of the sun. It’s clear that he’s not just like that bore such a name, but it is not clear what sense it carried in itself … – The Egyptians had direct communication with the Sun and very intense. Some structures were clearly intended for concentration solar power. And most likely, on this solar energy some rituals were carried out. For example, Karnak Temple is one of the largest structures of ancient Egypt was intended, quite possibly for the concentration of solar energy and its further distribution by region of the country. What exactly was going concentration of this energy? “For anything.” For example, she served for use in magic rituals in temples. Priests through magical ordinances attracted the population to fulfill certain tasks. They could also charge the dead with this energy. to bring them back to life, and so on. Who built all these facilities? Representatives of our civilization, naturally, their were not able to erect. – People could build them, but, most likely, relying on the knowledge that was transferred to them. For example, in the Luxor Temple there are statues that may were monuments to the ancient Atlanteans – representatives of another civilization preceding the Egyptian. Because very small time passed between the stone age and the Egyptians who were brought to a high step of magical art. Most likely, they someone gave it, and they did not invent it themselves. Why do the Atlanteans were these temples needed? – It is unlikely that they themselves built it, most likely some remaining Atlantean community simply passed this knowledge, and then the Egyptians, possessing knowledge, used it for your needs. And perhaps they didn’t even suspect the hidden wash away of this knowledge – the deepest. In what was the deepest meaning? – Deep meaning – mastery some kind of root energy, but for possessing such knowledge it was necessary to comply with high moral standards. Pyramids in Giza are considered tombs? Is this their true essence? – Honestly, I could not see Pyramids in Luxor. But the pyramids at Giza are most likely used as tombs after they were are built. And so in them the energy structure. Most likely, these were grand concentrators energy. Inside one of the pyramids, I managed to notice that in undiscovered niches have space that could used, for example, to rejuvenate the body. What kind functions were assigned to the Sphinx? – The Sphinx is a type guard, and his function is protective. This statue has been performed for centuries her role, she plays it now. But she lies outside of ours time. Striking, first of all, the power that comes from that essence, which is embedded in the statue. Egyptians as well as Sumerians used astronomical calendars. Why the ancients needed knowledge of the sky? – All the constructions of the Egyptians were oriented to the cardinal points, and they had a clear overall rhythm. A they owned this knowledge, because they needed it in Everyday life. What exactly? – For building rhythm of life, to observe the progress of the stars, because they are clearly coordinated their actions with the rhythms of the sky. What role did Sirius in their living arrangements? – They needed to know the floods of the Nile, which was the river of life. With the spill, the Nile began fertile season, coinciding with the rise of Sirius. Therefore they were you need to know the moment of rising of Sirius. What is the strongest impression of the trip? – The impression is the same – I did not expect that there were places on Earth where objects of the subtle plan were preserved, which already number a few thousand, and possibly tens thousand years. In Egypt, unlike Sumer, there are practically no observatories that made it possible to observe the solar cycles. How did the Egyptians track cosmic processes? – Watching what to mean by observatories. The same Karnak temple very well suited to the observatory. It is side-oriented. light and there is a mass of objects whose location and distance between them it is necessary to study it from an astronomical point view. But there was simply no time to do this on this trip. But I think that the Egyptians had both horizontal observatories and more advanced, but most likely they have not yet been found, or they completely disappeared. What is the relationship of the Egyptian pyramids and American? Obviously, there was a single civilization throughout the earth? – The structure of magical knowledge is repeated in all these structures both in ancient America and in ancient India, Persia and other countries. Then do not forget that all these countries were parts of a single vast continent, and when it divided into parts, this knowledge has not disappeared. What is the difference between the ancients civilization from modern? – Modern technocratic civilization has reached a certain peak. Since she doesn’t have some special moral principles, it may well destroy herself. Why mankind has not yet destroyed itself, this is not his merit, but those who look after him, who lead civilization to sacred knowledge. And technocracy, in my opinion, is a dead end an area that nonetheless has the opportunity to explore many magical laws. For example, in my opinion, the computer era is one of the eras of magic, in a way. Another thing is to build this civilization is necessary already on moral principles. how a person studying processes in space, I cannot but ask about the relationship of the so-called quantum evolutionary transition and date December 21, 2012 from the Mayan calendar. – I studied these are a matter. In fact, Maya does not say the end of the world. The date of December 21 is a milestone in their calendar, namely a leap. In their Calendar 7182 AD – The date of the beginning of the Golden Era. That is, u They are not at all limited to a calendar. Another thing is that any date can be used for advertising and hype for their own purposes. In what The essence of the Golden Age? – In my opinion, this is the century when the quantity goes into quality, i.e. the number of sacred knowledge accumulated by mankind is moving into a new quality and a fundamentally new different culture is born. She is born at the junction several civilizations. And the technocratic age also serves as an impetus for the birth of a new era. And, it seems to me, the alloy will be completely unusual – a combination of magic, moral principles and technical knowledge. It is possible that a completely different generation will be born. Andrey Polyakov

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