Scientists accidentally found an amazing cave rock painting

Researchers closely monitoring movement white-bearded bakers (family of non-ruminant artiodactyls mammals that look like wild boars), unexpectedly discovered caves, on the walls of which rock carvings are depicted drawings. These drawings, which capture the most diverse animals created by prehistoric hunter-gatherers, supposedly about 10,000 years ago. Photos from open sources

Scientists believe that they made an amazing discovery, which will help to better understand the development of human culture in this region of Brazil. Archaeologists argue that the style of some discovered drawings made in ancient art traditions northeast Brazil, other images resemble art, originated in the central part of the Brazilian plateau. Besides human and geometric figures, the figures depict different types of animals: huge cats, armadillos, birds and reptiles. However, unfortunately, among this diversity was not found images of bakers. Bearded bakers whose scientific name Tayassu Pecari, listed by the International Protection Union nature’s protection list as an endangered species. The reason is not only constant threats from wildlife but also deforestation, as well as ongoing hunting for this species of mammals. “Discovered cave paintings underline the importance of protection nature and animals to preserve and betray the descendants of the cultural and natural heritage, “said the director of the International Conservation Union nature. “We look forward to working with local farmers to protect these caves, as well as the forests that surround them, in order to to pass on their cultural heritage to future generations, at least in unfortunately, many already extinct animals. ”


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