Scientists are exploring an artifact that is 20 thousand years. Found on the Shar Planina mountain range in Kosovo

Scientists are exploring an artifact that is 20 thousand years old. Found on the territory of the Shar Planin mountain range in Kosovo.A photo from open sources

Of course, such a transformer has not been working for a long time, the question is another: where did the electromagnetic device come from 20 thousand years back? However, let’s take it in order.

This unique artifact was found by Ismet researcher and photographer. Smaili (Ismet Smiley) on the territory of the Shar Planin mountain range in Kosovo.

It looks like an ordinary cobblestone, but the scientist immediately Interested in the fact that as if someone “melted” into this stone technical details quite recognizable by modern man, e.g. copper coil electromagnetic coil, porcelain insulator and even symmetrical holes, which are available, for example, on transformer used to collect already converted energy. The stone in this case served as the body of this electromagnetic device that seemed to Ismet some science fiction.

A photo from open sources

The scientist attributed the find to colleagues who are just doing archeology, and they determined that the stone, at least 20 thousand years. How is this possible, given the official science proves that at that far time man was still wild (Upper Paleolithic of the so-called Stone Age), and at best case could make primitive stone tools (awl, scrapers, stone knives and so on). And here is a transformer with copper wire, and even somehow enclosed in stone (century stone)!

A photo from open sources

Ismet Smiley is still trying to “break through” his find, forcing orthodox scholars to recognize it and based on this start gradually revise the official theory of origin and development of human society. However, he perfectly understands how naive his attempts. The “stone transformer” itself has long been a donkey somewhere in “scientific laboratories”, like hundreds of other similar archaeological finds that independent scholars have even given very well-defined definition – uncomfortable artifacts, as they are uncomfortable for modern academic science and the orthodox from it.

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