Scientists believe that life on the planet originated deep beneath the surface

A photo from open sources

Recent research has led scientists to conclude that the key to unravel the mysteries of the origin of life on our planet must be sought in ecosystems located deep underground. Underground forms lives are ubiquitous, with some living very deep. Take, for example, the tiny worms found on a depth of 3.7 kilometers in South Africa, or microorganisms living deeper than six kilometers in China.

Carnegie Institute Executive Director Robert Hazen says: “In recent years, we have made many discoveries in the field of study deep microbial life. “John Baross of the University of Washington believes that the study of deep microorganisms will allow scientists unravel the “intriguing part of evolution.” He stated: “We have everything reason to believe that life did not originate on the surface, but under ground. There are all conditions for this. Now the further we will penetrate the depths, the more new amazing species of life we can meet. ”

The results of a study of the life of microorganisms on large the depths below the surface of the earth will give scientists many answers to questions regarding the possibility of detecting life on others the planets.

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