Scientists cannot open a mysterious hole in a stone find a reasonable explanation

Scientists cannot find a reasonable explanation for the mysterious hole in the stoneA photo from open sources

One of the unsolvable mysteries for modern science remains ancient artifacts that people of that distant simply could not create era, or civilization as such at that time did not exist, according to the claims of our academic academics.

There were no people or they were primitive, but the artifacts that we we can’t repeat even with the current level of technological development, on the face. And there are a lot of them.

These mysterious finds can be safely attributed fantastic round holes in stone that archaeologists find all over the earth. Officially believed that they were made by the ancient inhabitants of these places, moreover, by hand. It’s just not specified – how? By moreover, some of these holes are very deep, and therefore there is doubt that they can be drilled without using special equipment and fairly high technology.

A photo from open sources

But if round holes in the stone can somehow be “pulled behind the ears “to the handmade work of ancient masters, then a Norwegian find 2007 completely destroys this far-fetched version. In November years in the small Norwegian city of Volda, during construction works, mysterious stone holes were discovered in the form of a star (see photo). One shape of this star with seven regular rays it’s literally amazing: how can you carve so perfect in stone hole?

However, scientists were waiting for another sensation – a star hole turned out to be through, it permeates the rock strictly horizontally on 4 meters. Nowadays, there is no technology or equipment to create such a hole in the stone, and among ancient people – supposedly were.

A photo from open sources

“Wolda Star” as dubbed this fantastic hole researchers, still excites the minds of scientists since there is no explanation for him, and academic science believes in aliens just “has no right.” So it turns out a paradox: with one parties, everything seems to be clear, this is not the only artifact, proving that our Earth was visited by representatives of more developed civilizations, on the other – if you recognize this, then you need to review not only the history of our civilization, but also much another.

Are we ready for this? Apparently not. This is not proven only the unwillingness of orthodox scholars to give up an inch legitimized by them the postulates of science, but also by the blindness of consciousness the bulk of people who for this reason are simply not capable perceive nothing new. Chekhov’s ingenious phrase “this is not maybe because it can never be “and in a hundred years remains relevant – perhaps the most convincing argument in any “scientific” dispute …

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