Scientists do not deny existence and death Hyperborea

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Everyone has heard of Atlantis; myths about sunken are less known continents of Lemuria and Pacifida. Russians have a legend about Hyperborea. Does this myth have a scientific basis? What scientists say Could Hyperborea Be?

The ancient land of Hyperborea

In ancient times, no one doubted the existence of Hyperborea. Not as a tradition, but as a very real land, they wrote about Hyperborea in Iranian Avesta, Indian Rigveda, Chinese, Tibetan historical chronicles, it was mentioned in Russian epics.

This northern land was described by Diodorus of Sicily, Alkey, Ferenik. Pliny the elder wrote that in the land of Hyperboreans, the day lasts six months and half a year is night, so there is no doubt that the land they describe was beyond the Arctic Circle, do not have to.

Everyone described Hyperborea as a land of fertile climate, where residents don’t know diseases and hunger, spend their whole lives dancing, games and feasts, and die of satiety with life. Hyperborders described as having perfect appearance people possessing superhuman abilities: they traveled through the air, could go without food for a long time, predicted the future.

In the XVI century, on the basis of ancient documents that have not reached us the Flemish cartographer Mercator drew a map of Hyperborea. According to her mainland consisted of four parts, separated by rivers, in the center there was a sacred mountain.

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Since the 16th century, travelers, sailors, scientists repeatedly went in search of this land. During the expeditions many islands were discovered, but the main goal, Hyperborea – no. Today we know that there is no northern mainland. Was he? Scientists who consider the legend of a highly developed civilization beyond the Polar around a frank fairy tale, however, the fact of a possible the existence of land in northern latitudes is not rejected.

Great Northern Mainland

In the era of glaciation in the Northern Hemisphere it was much colder than today. Arctic drifting ice crumbled into one motionless a giant plate tens of meters thick. Over the arctic a polar anticyclone formed. Cold arctic masses shifted south, but under the influence of terrestrial rotation shifted to west. Thus a constant east wind formed. And the upper layers atmospheres at the same time gigantic air masses moved with south to north for substitution. They carried clouds of dust from the steppes Eurasia and America.

The glacial shell of the Arctic was gradually covered with a layer of earth. At first it was only a raid, but over time it reached a layer in a few meters. The temperature on a dark surface rose vegetation appeared which was thawed from below ice. So Arctida arose. Huge herds could feed on it animals.

Today on the few islands find the bones of the inhabitants Arctids – mammoths, musk oxen, woolly rhinos, arctic bison, yaks, saigas and other animals. Bones of large and small animals are dotted not only with the islands, but also with the marine Arctic shelf. Arctida was not a dead icy desert.

The death of Hyperborea

The disappearance of the glacial continent for scientists is no secret presents. He has melted. So many Arctic islands have melted: the legendary Sannikov Land, the less well-known Andreev Land and not the legendary island of Diomede, Vasilevsky and Semenovsky. They were discovered, investigated and disappeared (more precisely melted) literally in front of scientists for less than 200 years.

Hyperborea could melt over the centuries and millennia, but could die within a few days.

In the mythology of each nation there is a plot about the world the flood. What caused the cataclysm? Giant fall an asteroid? Did the solar system fly into a star cluster? Or past A hot body flew through the earth? You can guess for a long time, but in myths of Siberian peoples are always present along with the flood giant fires. It is mentioned that the sea was literally boiling. Such a terrible space cataclysm, of course, could accelerate the death the mainland and everyone living on it.

Remnants of civilization

Since the beginning of the 90s of the last century, not one has gone to the north of Russia expedition in search of the remnants of Hyperborean civilization. From Kola Peninsula to the Urals, dozens of sanctuaries and megalithic structures. Surfaced from museum vaults amazing exhibits like the Shigir idol. This most ancient wooden sculpture for more than 11,000 years! She is 2.5 times older Egyptian pyramids. It is unlikely that our ancestors for 2.5 thousand years in their development did not advance beyond the manufacture of wooden gods. AND even if they did not create a technologically advanced civilization with flying vehicles, the northern territories of Russia in the deep antiquities were by no means cultural deserts.

A photo from open sources

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