Scientists have concluded that the Stonehenge project copied from megalithic structures northwest France

Scientists have concluded that the Stonehenge project was copied from the megalithic structures of northwestern France.A photo from open sources

The uniqueness of the British megalithic structure of Stonehenge, as it turned out, it consists only in the fact that it is better than other similar historical monuments preserved. It was to this conclusion international group of researchers by posting their findings in leading scientific journals, say Science Magazine.

A photo from open sources

In their opinion, in the territory of modern France, in particular in the northwestern part of the country, there is something similar, moreover, created much earlier – not earlier than 7 thousand years ago. It turns out what exactly here began the construction of megaliths, which later spread throughout Europe and even “reached” but insular Britain.

This was confirmed by radiocarbon analyzes of almost two thousand megaliths scattered throughout modern Europe. That’s what writes about this professor at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden Bettina Schulz Polsson, one of the authors of this research:

We were able to make sure that the earliest megalithic structures appeared in northwestern France, they are older Stonehenge for at least two thousand years. Further megaliths began to spread throughout Europe. But what’s characteristic is not in in the middle of the mainland, and along the coast, exactly where they lay waterways of ancient sailors. This allowed us to do the conclusion that it was the sailors who distributed these projects, and that Stonehenge was copied from the French earlier megalithic facilities.

A photo from open sources

It turns out, the Stonehenge specialist added to this. archaeologist Michael Parker Pearson (University College London) that Brittany is the founder of the megalithic phenomenon in Europe. In this case, Stonehenge is unique only in terms of preservation to our days almost in its original form …

It’s hard to say Pearson made a slip of the tongue or specifically emphasized – “almost in its original form.” The fact is that Stonehenge has long been criticized by independent researchers and conspiracy theorists, some of whom claim to be “mysterious construction “- just a hoax of antiquity, built in the middle last century.

Indeed, there are photo and video materials (see below), testimonies of people who participated either in restoration or in the construction of Stonehenge in the last century. Anyway, this indirectly confirms the fact that tourists are not allowed to the menhirs of the ancient monument are closer than 10 meters (around fences that you will not see in advertising photographs): apparently because the experienced look of a specialist can easily distinguish megalith 5 thousand years old from a fake of the XX century.

Megaliths Stonehenge

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