Scientists have confirmed that petroglyphs on Kola peninsula older than the Cheops pyramid

Scientists have confirmed that petroglyphs on the Kola Peninsula are older than the Cheops pyramidA photo from open sources

Petersburg archaeologists during the last Kola expedition, organized by the Institute of the History of Material Culture, discovered next to the famous cave paintings of this peninsula ancient artifacts, determine the age of which was not so complicated like the petroglyphs themselves.

And so, as TASS reported to Vladimir Perevalov – Director of the Museum “Petroglyphs of Kanozero”, finally, the hypothesis once put forward by the most daring researchers of this historical monument that Kola cave paintings at least 6 thousand years old. That is, they are one and a half thousands of years older than the famous pyramid of Cheops.

This ancient monument, designated as “The complex of petroglyphs – cave paintings IV-II millennia BC “, located in Tersky district in the south-east of the Murmansk region. Recently Found here scientists identified artifacts as tools for creating petroglyphs, and therefore the age of the cave paintings themselves, can to say, determined quite accurately.

Petroglyphs of Kanozero are among the five world monuments today Neolithic era. This unique complex, spread along the banks and on the islands of Kanozero of the Kola Peninsula, includes more than a thousand images: all kinds of animals and people, fishing and hunting scenes, as well as solar and lunar symbols.

Petroglyphs were first discovered in 1997, and first it was believed that they were created in the IV-II millennia BC, hence its current name, given by us a little higher. Now, I am sure Vladimir Perevalov, the name of the complex of petroglyphs The Kola Peninsula will need to be adjusted for his real age …

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