Scientists have discovered a deadly disease in mummies, which haunts humanity

Scientists have discovered in mummies a deadly disease that haunts humanityA photo from open sources

Scientists at their University of Texas presented analysis results ancient mummies located in different parts of our planet. It turned out that all these people died from the same disease – atherosclerosis, which completely affected the vessels of the body.

Five mummies, which were discovered in South America and the Middle East, and dated 2000 year BC. The youngest at the time of death was about 18 years, and the most mature 55-60 years.

Researchers have installed special catheters in the arteries of mummies and received the necessary information about the components of the tissue. Analysis showed that all these people died from the same disease. IN arteries of mummies a huge amount was discovered atherosclerotic plaques.

According to the authors of the article, they are the first group of scientists, which in a new way discovered the initial stage in mummies atherosclerosis. This disease was detected in all five mummies.

The results of the work show that the identified the disease has continuously haunted man throughout history its existence. It is impossible to clarify one thing so far – what were causes of this disease. It is possible that accumulation blood cholesterol could be caused by various infections. Besides of this, the genes of ancient people in comparison with modern people are more “poor”, which could also affect the development of the disease.

Nowadays, atherosclerosis can occur due to sedentary lifestyle or eating “bad” foods. Therefore, this discovery clearly shows that exercise and proper nutrition may be the main and so far the only secret longevity of modern man.

Andrey Vetrov


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