Scientists have discovered an unknown in Lake Vostok class of organisms

A study of water samples obtained in May 2012 from Antarctic Lake Vostok, showed that bacteria live in it, which cannot be attributed to any of the known subdomains of bacteria, told RIA Novosti employee of the Eukaryotic Genetics Laboratory Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics (PNPI) Sergey Damask steel.

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“A week ago, actually the last analysis was completed (will one more, but its results are unlikely to change). After exclusion of all known contaminants (extraneous organisms) … was discovered bacterial DNA that did not match any of the known species in world databases. We call this life unidentifiable and unclassifiable. Assign her to some the famous sub-kingdoms of bacteria failed, “said Bulat. He explained that scientists examined samples of water frozen on the rig crown after penetration in the lake. In May, Academician Fedorov will deliver samples of freshly frozen lake water, the study of which will allow scientists to verify their findings.

DNA water

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