Scientists have discovered another Stonehenge in the very unexpected place

Scientists have discovered another Stonehenge in an unexpected place.A photo from open sources

As the saying goes, “there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped.” Perhaps this is how you can describe what happened near of the Spanish city of Cáceres, where due to the abnormal heat completely the reservoir has dried up. When the water disappeared, then the eyes of local inhabitants presented an incredible picture – a mysterious building flaunted under the rays of the sun.

Thanks to radiocarbon analysis, the experts determined that This building was erected about 4 thousand years ago. It includes 144 stones deepened into the ground, the height of which is about two meters.

Archaeologists have dubbed this find the “new Stonehenge” for resemblance to the original. Building has exactly the same circular structure. Experts are currently trying to figure out the origin of the stone blocks, that is, where the ancient people mined them and how to deliver.

According to the preliminary version, this structure could be temple complex or place to trade. This is indicated by him location.

Interestingly, he wrote about this structure at the beginning of the last century. German scientist Hugo Obermeier, but the response from the scientific world is not followed. In 1963, the Spaniards began to build a reservoir, and the ancient building was under water, and remained forgotten.

The issue of moving this construction in a safe place for her.

ESOREITER previously talked about who could build Stonehenge.

Andrey Vetrov

Water Time Stonehenge

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