Scientists have discovered the biblical city of Sodom

Scientists have discovered the biblical city of SodomA photo from open sources

During archaeological excavations, scientists found, according to some assumptions, the remains of the ancient biblical city of Sodom.

After ten years of work in Jordan, archaeologists may managed to find the location of the ancient biblical city of Sodom, which, according to bible legends, together with the neighboring Gomorrah was destroyed due to the fall of the local residents. Sensational research results completely correspond to descriptions from the Bible. The ancient biblical city was found by a team of researchers from saint southwestern university Trinity in New Mexico.

The statement is the result of ten years of excavation, led by a team of archaeologists led by Stephen Collins near the Jordan River. Possible location of the city of Sodom located in the Tal el Hamman region of Jordan. Long time scientists could not understand what kind of city it was. But during analysis they found that the city could exist in 3500-1450 years BC, and this is fully consistent with the biblical descriptions.

By the way, in Israel discovered a huge stone building older than the Egyptian pyramids.

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