Scientists have disproved the previous notion of evolution

Scientists have disproved the former notion of evolutionPhoto from open sources

A group of scientists from different countries found in Russia the remains of ancient four-legged animals, which changes the former ideas about the evolution of tetrapods. It is reported Edition.

The age of the found remains of Parmastega aelidae is about 372 million years. The fossil is fossilized bones. animal found in Sosnogorsk limestone rock formations (Komi). The researchers found more than a hundred fragments that as a result of reconstruction allowed to recreate the ancient tetrapods (or tetrapods).

The discovered Parmastega looked like a crocodile, but her eyes located higher, and the mouth formed a “grinning” grin. On the body ancient animal had lateral longitudinal lines, which, like some fish are sensory organs that allow you to feel vibrations under water.

Researchers report that the shoulder girdle of the ancient Parmastega had cartilage. It is possible that her spine and limbs are also consisted of cartilage. All this suggests that the creature is not got out on land, although it was four-legged.

It was previously reported that in Turkey they decided to remove the theory of evolution and natural selection from the school curriculum.

Andrey Vetrov

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