Scientists have established the reliability of the burial Richard III

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Recently, the scientific community was excited by a startling news. When carrying out construction and repair work in the city Leicester under the usual car park two years ago was the grave of an unknown person was excavated. Originally this news did not become a sensation, despite the clear antiquity of the burial. However then a curious fact emerged. Turns out to be buried in the grave none other than the great warrior of antiquity – Richard III. Having studied the remains found in Leicester, a group of scientists came to this startling conclusion.

An article published in Nature Communications cites research details that shed light on this situation. Scientists claim that according to the results of a study of five hundred year old bones Presence of the skeleton of the monarch proved with probability 99.99 percent. Explored the remains not only British specialists, and an entire international group of geneticists, scientists specializing in genealogy, archaeologists, historians. IN as a material for comparison, DNA materials were taken for analysis the descendants of the king.

In the study of genomes inherited by maternal and paternal lines, it turned out that the maternal genes coincided completely, which can not say about fathers. Scientists believe that several hundred years ago male inheritance was interrupted. Maybe, the title of the duke was received not by a direct descendant, but by the illegitimate son of one of duchesses. Therefore, the current descendants of the king on the male line – Dukes of Beaufort – there is no characteristic “royal” blood.


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