Scientists have found a sunken city near Bermuda a triangle

A group of Canadian scientists found an underwater city in the area Bermuda Triangle. A special robot took pictures of the ancients ruins that suggest thoughts of Atlantis – the legendary sunken continent. Scientists have found a sunken city near the Bermuda TrianglePhoto from open sources Researchers led Paula Weinzweig and Pauline Zalicki discovered the ruins of the city in 700 meters north of the east coast of Cuba. Made by robot photographs you can see the monumental buildings – including, four giant pyramids. One of them even looks like a building from glass. In addition, scientists discovered a sculpture similar to sphinx, and several huge plates with engraving, reports Prensa Latina news agency. According to experts, these buildings belong to the preclassical period of the Caribbean and Central American history. Representatives inhabited this city. a civilization similar to the inhabitants of Teotihuacan (this is an ancient city, located 50 kilometers from Mexico City; his age is about 2 thousand years). But this city, it seems, has no relationship with Atlantis It has. The architectural features of the found buildings are spoken in the benefit of the fact that the city was built by the ancient Indians, at least one and a half to two thousand years ago. Whereas Atlantis, according the mention of the ancient Greek thinker Plato, disappeared in 10 millennium BC. According to legend, she was killed by a flood and strongest earthquake or volcanic eruption.

Atlantis Bermuda Triangle Pyramids Robots

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