Scientists have found out the details of the origin african american

Scientists have found out the details of the origin of African-AmericansA photo from open sources

Scientists have discovered from what parts of Africa ancestors come from modern blacks. Genomic research results published in Molecular Biology and Evolution, published by Oxford University.

Scientists recalled that in the period from the 16th to the 19th centuries as part of more than 9 million Africans whose slaves were trafficked to America descendants live in various parts of the USA.

Scientists examined the genome of 6,267 non-human relatives from 22 regional African American groups population.

“Africans are the most diverse human population from a genetic point of view, and during the transatlantic slave trade this rich african genetic diversity is not was lost and is present today among blacks and Hispanics, “said experts in their article.

The study found that in the genes of African Americans living in North America, the Caribbean and northern South America, traits of West African descent prevail.

At the same time, South and East African roots are characteristic of Latin American people.

“We concluded that in most countries of America the intensification of impurities occurred between 1750 and 1850, which strongly correlates with the peak of arrivals from Africa “, – added genetics.

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