Scientists have found prehistoric vampire germs

Scientists have found prehistoric vampire germsA photo from open sources

On ancient fossils, whose age is about 750 million years, evidence of death has been discovered dangerous virus of vampiric nature.

Naturally, these “vampires” did not have real fangs and did not reminded Count Dracula, but according to recent studies, posed a huge threat to the existence of life unicellular.

First direct evidence of the vampiric behavior of these creatures were discovered while studying fossil organisms with suspicious holes that resembled punctures. how it turned out these holes were made found vampire germs through their nutrient tubes.

According to scientists, these early forms of predatory life were an incentive for the development of protective capabilities in other organisms, which needed to adapt and survive.

As stated by Paul Falkovsky – a scientist from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, as soon as a new organism is born, through for some time, a microbe that will seek to penetrate into it.

“Why make armor if it cannot protect you from predators. “Organisms that simply could not cope with the attack. similar microbes, became their victim and ceased to exist.

Life time

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