Scientists have identified the legendary in an ancient artifact sword

Scientists have identified the legendary sword in an ancient artifactPhoto from open sources

An ancient artifact – the blade of the fallen leader fell into the hands of archaeologists. Historians arrived at the place where the unique artifact was discovered from England and recognized in him the legendary sword.

Scientists believe that the legend of King Arthur was borrowed Saxons from Italians. Siena Knight Galgano Guidotti in 1148 year exactly the same way thrust his sword into a stone located near the ancient abbey.

Archaeologists found this same sword, while finding themselves in perplexed by the striking resemblance to the legendary sword. The monks of the abbey of San Galgano Montespi near Siena guard the ancient sword.

For hundreds of years, an ancient sword was considered a fake, but thanks to modern technology has managed to establish its present manufacture – 12 century. Historians have even more questions.

Scientists cannot figure out who actually belonged this sword, and how incredibly it was possible to stick a steel a sword in granite.

ESOREITER previously wrote about how scientists discovered the origin. the legendary king Arthur.

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Ancient artifacts

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