Scientists have made a laser scan Stonehenge

A photo from open sources

Stonehenge full-scale 3D laser examination discovered various technologies used to process stones, located on the same line during the winter and summer solstices. Laser scanning of the Great Trilith discovered its unusually smooth, clear contours and smooth surface compared to other trilites. It allowed suggest that the creators of Stonehenge made targeted efforts in processing the Great Trilite and polished menhir more carefully because of his special position on the axis of the solstice, just as how did they do for other stones located on the sides axis. Photo: English Heritage Sarsen stones of the outer circle are the most huge, they are located most evenly, they are visible if approaching them from the northeast along ancient avenue. (Note: Stonehenge Avenue – a parallel pair of moats and subtle shafts leading to the Avon River). The jumpers of these stones are good processed, the stones themselves are polished so that their surface becomes bright. In addition, between stones arranged in a row along the axis solstices, left straight narrow slots. Main road which currently passing through a World Heritage site Stonehenge will now change direction and lead to a place coinciding with the axis of the solstice. “New interpretation of Stonehenge will allow visitors to better understand the importance of the solstice, said in a press release, Lorraine Knowles, director of British state Commissions for Historic Buildings and Monuments legacy. “- We close route A344, which breaks building in one line, in order to stone circles reunited with Avenue. “Laser scanning also revealed ancient prehistoric drawings, among them 71 drawings made ax ax in the Bronze Age. “Analysis of various methods, used in the processing of stones can even help restore construction timeline, said Susan Greeney, senior historian “English heritage.” – To the dismay of some, scanning also eliminates some poorly distinguishable lines and depressions that were previously considered prehistoric drawings. ”

Time Stones Stonehenge

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