Scientists have managed to recreate the spirits of Cleopatra

Scientists have been able to recreate the spirits of CleopatraPhotos from open sources of

Hawaiian scientists from a university in Manoa were able to restore the smell of ancient spirits, which are very likely used Cleopatra herself. The portal reports.

Archaeologists have discovered in the city of Tmuit the ruins of a trading shop in which preserved the remains of perfumes and other vessels with perfume.

Scientists have made every effort to finally find out which components are part of ancient spirits. Scientists have tried to recreate the fragrance that Cleopatra could use around 2000 years ago. Agree, given the limitation of the find, do not so simple.

Scientists specified that the main basis of the discovered spirits is the most common myrrh, that is, it is a resin extracted from trees burser families. In addition, the composition includes cardamom, cinnamon and olive oil.

Andrey Vetrov

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