Scientists have proven that ancient arias came from Siberia and were the elite of society

Scientists have proven that the ancient Aryans came from Siberia and were the elite of societyA photo from open sources

An international group of scientists from 19 countries, including genetics, anthropologists and archaeologists conducted a large-scale DNA study ancient people whose results were presented in scientific Science Journal.

After analyzing the genome of 524 ancient people, scientists received confirmation of the hypothesis of migration of carriers of Indo-European languages ​​to India from the steppe regions of Eurasia. Among the people living Indian territory several millennia ago, carriers were found Indo-European languages.

The study says that the discovery of ancient Aryans in northern India in the second half of the second millennium BC talks about the migration of ancient people from steppe Eurasia (including Siberia).

Natives of their Siberian territories among Indians became an elite society. It turned out that the brahmanas (representatives of the higher caste) have a larger proportion of genes of Siberian immigrants than in other population groups.

It is currently unknown what caused this migration. Independent researchers have two versions. One the version is a sharp cooling, and the other is the flooding of the northern territories. There is a hypothesis that in the Northern The Arctic Ocean was once the mainland, but it sank, and the population forced to leave these places, moving to the south direction.

According to other independent historians, the migrants had astrology, alchemy, theurgy are well developed, therefore it is quite it is logical that these people became brahmanas (priests) in India. They also served as spiritual mentors in the families of higher castes. If accept into account this information, then the approval of the international group scientists about the migration of Aryans to the territory of India may well be reasonable.

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