Scientists have restored the appearance of ancient Egyptian mummies

Scientists have restored the appearance of the ancient Egyptian mummyA photo from open sources

Employees of the University of Melbourne in Australia was restored the appearance of the ancient Egyptian woman by her mummified to the remains. For this, scientists resorted to complex computer tomography and 3D printing.

The exact name of the mummy is unknown to experts, so they themselves gave her name is Meritamun. It can be translated into Russian as “beloved Amun” – the ancient Egyptian god of heaven and air.

The appearance of the Egyptian was restored by her head, stored a long time at the University of Melbourne. None of the employees institutions can no longer remember how the remains fell on the basement floor of their medical faculty. In any case, the mummy is known for more than a century, however, all this time no one has tried before determine how a girl looked in life.

It is reported that the Egyptian suffered from various dental diseases. They were allegedly caused by heavy sugar consumption, which was very popular at that time among the Egyptian elite. Meritamun probably lived in the period after the reign of Alexander Macedonian, that is, in the fourth or fifth centuries BC. However, radiocarbon analysis may show other results, for example, three and a half thousand years ago.

At the time of death, the girl was from eighteen to twenty five years. She clearly died her death – her cause could be anemia, which indicates the condition of the bones of the mummy. Known that in ancient Egypt schistosomiasis and malaria, which could just cause anemia.

The height of Meritamun was one meter sixty centimeters. The Australians failed to authentically restore the girl’s hair, therefore, it was borrowed from Lady Rai, another mummy. Female, to which these remains belong, lived in the years 1570-1530 BC era.

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