Scientists have revealed the secrets of the Tongan empire?

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Researchers claim that once the empire of Tonga stretched for thousands of kilometers in the South Pacific. Empire acted as a powerful shopping center, thanks to which remote settlements exchanged goods, artifacts and various scientific achievements / Empire of Tonga was an archipelago whose core was the core kingdom, it included about 160 islands of Polynesia. The total area of ​​the empire was approximately 500,000 square kilometers. About 2,800 years ago, islands located between Hawaii and New Zealand became the first settlements of this empire. After 2,000 years, the Tongan Empire, successfully uniting the southern parts of the Pacific in a single archipelago, has become the strongest and unique maritime empire of the time. To learn more about life of Tong nationals, scientists conducted a chemical analysis of more than 200 stone tools found as a result of excavations on the islands. Also they carefully analyzed artifacts taken from royal tombs located on the main island of the empire – the island of Tonga. In addition, experts conducted a chemical analysis of 300 stone artifacts of that time and compared the result with samples of mountain rocks taken from other Pacific islands, such as Samoa As a result of these experiments, scientists found correspondences between the results of analyzes of stone artifacts taken from the island Tonga and rock samples taken from Samoa and Fiji. how it turned out that 66% of stone tools fell on remote islands in quality of exported goods. For example, a stone tool, made in the center of the empire was discovered in Tahiti (2500 km to east of the island of Tonga). These results showed that Tonga was the center of the maritime empire, which delivered various goods as tribute from her remote areas. Empire population Tonga could travel long distances, allowing people to freely contact the population of other island groups, while exchanging experience, knowledge and goods. Confirmation that is the surge in the construction of monumental objects architecture by other significant tribes inhabiting the Pacific islands the ocean. These tribes began to build capital buildings around the same time as the inhabitants of the Tongan empire, although these peoples often separated from each other by thousands of kilometers of the ocean.

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