Scientists redefine Egyptian appointment pyramids

Scientists are redefining the purpose of the Egyptian pyramidsPhoto from open sources

For a long time, scientists believed that the Egyptian pyramids were tombs (tombs) of the pharaohs. However their true (determined using modern equipment) age and erection technologies prove that these mysterious us structures long before the appearance of the Egyptians themselves, which means some highly developed civilization.

Even modern civilization of people has not yet reached such a level to build similar pyramids from such multi-ton blocks of stone, not to mention that we really still haven’t We know the purpose of the pyramids. For example, some people inside them, they begin to see their past lives, future, many others riddles that do not fit into the concept of “pyramid — tomb” (see about this documentary project “Pyramids. Funnel of time”).

There is no doubt only one that all the pyramids of Egypt, all six of them separate groups (Giza, Abu Roash, Abu Garab, Saqqara, Abusir, Dakhshur), were built according to a single, well-thought-out plan. This is true called the “Band of Peace”, built along the Nile and consisting of twenty two pyramids. Moreover, note that all groups constructed so that each of them is in direct line of sight along relation to the previous and subsequent.

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An ancient power station is located in Abu Garaba.

Another amazing mystery for us, as well as an obvious proof that this building is also the work of highly developed civilization, – “Crystal Altar” Abu Garabe, that is, in one of groups of egyptian pyramids. This artifact has been haunting for a long time Egyptologists.

Judge for yourself: this is a unique platform made from pure quartz. In its center is a perfectly shaped stone circle. This whole altar, like the fantastic pools, is made of whole blocks of quartz. All of this can be cut with technology, which we don’t have yet and it is not known when they will be.

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It is striking that we still cannot say for sure which the purpose is built this “Crystal Altar”. Recently scientists reconstructed its original appearance, and were amazed that here was the largest obelisk of Egypt. Together with quartz objects, scientists say, it could serve as a power plant, able to collect from the ionosphere of the Earth and store etheric energy “solar wind.” That is, for us – the power plant of the future, since we are currently building dangerous and not so effective nuclear power plants.

A photo from open sources

The ancient legends that similar technologies were possessed, for example, by Hyperboreans, Atlanteans, that is, representatives of the “gods” dynasty, as they say in myths. It is possible that they could be aliens from others galaxies or worlds. In any case, this whole complex of pyramids – “Strip of the World” – clearly built not by the Egyptians themselves and not for such mundane goals, like the burial of their leaders – the pharaohs. The ancient power station in Abu Garab is another proof to this.

Egypt Pyramids Pharaohs Power Station

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