Secret premises found in the Cheops pyramid

Secret rooms found in the Cheops pyramidPhotos from open sources of

Employees of the international project “ScanPyramids”, launched a year ago and aimed at scanning the ancient pyramids around the globe, reported an interesting discovery. Specialists scanned the Cheops pyramid, also known as the Great Giza pyramid, and found inside two anomalies that are likely are secret rooms. What is hiding inside these rooms – while a real mystery.

Over the past year, scientists have scanned the Chephren Pyramid and the Cheops pyramid on the Giza plateau, as well as the Red and Broken pyramids in Dahshur. The last on this list was the Great Giza’s pyramid, which is believed to be the largest number of riddles and anomalies. Experts in their study use muon radiography, infrared thermography, and special technology for electronic reconstruction of architecture.

A photo from open sources

Mehdi Tayubi, working at the Paris Institute of Innovation conservation and being one of the authors of the project, says that there are two distinct anomalies in the Cheops pyramid. This, by According to scientists, there may be secret rooms or corridors, remaining all this time hidden from the eyes of archaeologists. One of alleged premises located in the northern part of the Great Giza pyramids, and the second – in its northeast sector. Void is not connected to each other, while one of them resembles in shape a corridor going somewhere up.

Researchers plan to study the results in laboratory conditions. Using technology 3D modeling, scientists want to uncover the secret of these geometrically correct voids in the pyramid.


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