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The scientific evidence below is a terrible secret. Formally, these data are not classified, since they were obtained American scientists outside the field of defense research, and even published in some places, but a conspiracy of silence organized around them is unprecedented.

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What is this terrible secret, the mention of which is world taboo? It is a mystery of origin and historical path. Russian people.


Why information is hidden – more on this later. First – briefly about essence of the discovery of American geneticists. There are 46 chromosomes in human DNA, he inherits half from his father, half from his mother. Out of 23 chromosomes received from the father, in the one and only – male Y-chromosome – contains a set of nucleotides that is transmitted from generation after generation without any change over millennia. Genetics call this set a haplogroup. Everyone has it the man who’s living now has exactly the same haplogroup in DNA, that his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, etc. in many generations. So, American scientists have found that one such The mutation occurred 4,500 years ago on the Central Russian Plain. Born a boy with a slightly different haplogroup than their father assigned the genetic classification R1a1. Paternal R1a mutated, and a new R1a1 arose.

The mutation was very viable. Genus R1a1, which laid the foundation for this very boy, survived, unlike millions other genera that disappeared when their genealogical family stopped lines, and bred in a vast space. Currently Haplogroup R1a1 owners account for 70% of the total male population Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, and in ancient Russian cities and villages – up to 80%. R1a1 is a biological marker of Russian ethnic group. This set of nucleotides is the “Russianness” in terms of genetics.

Thus, the Russian people in a genetically modern form about 4500 was born in the European part of present-day Russia years ago. The boy with the mutation R1a1 became the direct ancestor of all men living now on earth whose DNA is present haplogroup. All of them are its biological or, as they said before, blood descendants and among themselves – blood relatives, in the aggregates constituting a single people – Russian. Realizing this American genetics, with all immigrants inherent enthusiasm in questions of origin, began to roam the world, take from people analyzes and look for biological “roots”, one’s own and others. What they have it turned out is of great interest to us, because sheds true light on the historical paths of our Russian people and destroys many established myths.

Now men of the Russian genus R1a1 make up 16% of the total male the population of India, and in the upper castes they are almost half – 47% Our the ancestors migrated from the ethnic center not only to the east (to Urals) and to the south (to India and Iran), but also to the west – to where it is now European countries are located. Heading west Geneticists have complete statistics: in Poland, Russian owners (Aryan) haplogroup R1a1 make up 57% of the male population, in Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Slovakia – 40%, in Germany, Norway and Sweden – 18%, in Bulgaria – 12%, and in England – the least (3%). The resettlement of the Russian Aryans to the east, south and west (further north there was simply nowhere to go; and so, according to the Indian Vedas, until coming to India, they lived near the Arctic Circle) became biological prerequisite for the formation of a special language group – Indo-European. These are almost all European languages, some languages modern Iran and India and, of course, Russian and ancient Sanskrit, the closest to each other for an obvious reason: in time (Sanskrit) and in space (Russian language) they stand nearby with the original source – the Aryan parent language, from which all grew other Indo-European languages.

“It is impossible to challenge. It is necessary to shut up”

The above are irrefutable facts of natural science, moreover obtained by independent American scientists. Challenging them is all equally disagree with the results of a blood test in outpatient clinic. They do not dispute. They are simply hushed up. Hush up amicably and persistently, they are silent, one might say, totally. And for that their reasons. For example, you have to rethink everything that is known about Tatar-Mongol invasion of Russia. Armed Conquest peoples and lands always and everywhere accompanied at that time massive rape of local women. In the blood of the male part the Russian population should have left traces in the form of Mongolian and Turkic haplogroups. But they are not there! Solid R1a1 – and nothing more amazing purity of blood. Hence, the Horde, which came to Russia, was not at all what it is customary to think about it: the Mongols there if were present, then in a statistically insignificant amount, and who was called the “Tatars” is generally incomprehensible. Well, which of the scientists will refute scientific principles backed by mountains of literature and great authorities ?! The second reason is incomparably more significant, refers to the field of geopolitics. Human history civilization appears in a new and completely unexpected light, and this cannot but have serious political consequences. During the whole new history pillars of European scientific and political thought proceeded from the idea of ​​Russians as barbarians who had recently come down from Christmas trees, naturally backward and incapable of creative labor. AND it suddenly turns out that the Russians are the very arias that had a decisive influence on the formation of great civilizations in India, Iran and Europe itself! What exactly are Europeans obligated to Russians very many in their prosperous lives, starting with the languages ​​in which they speak. Which is no coincidence in recent history, one third of the most important discoveries and inventions belongs to ethnic Russians in the very Russia and abroad. It’s no coincidence that the Russian people could reflect invasions of the combined forces of continental Europe under led by Napoleon, and then Hitler. Etc.

Great historical tradition.

It is no coincidence, because behind all this is a great historical a tradition thoroughly forgotten over many centuries but remaining in the collective subconscious of the Russian people and manifesting any times when a nation faces new challenges. Manifesting with iron inevitability due to the fact that it grew on material, biological basis in the form of Russian blood, which remains unchanged for four and a half millennia. Western politicians and ideologists have something to think about in order to do policy towards Russia is more adequate in light of open geneticists of historical circumstances. But think and change something they don’t want, hence the conspiracy of silence around the Russian-Aryan Topics.

The collapse of the myth of the Russian people.

The collapse of the myth of the Russian people as an ethnic mixture automatically destroys another myth – the myth of multinationality Of Russia. The ethno-demographic structure of our country is still tried to imagine how vinaigrette from the Russian “mixture you will not understand of which “and many indigenous peoples and alien diasporas. With this structure, all its components are approximately equal, therefore Russia supposedly is “multinational.”

But genetic research provides a completely different picture. If to believe the Americans (and there is no reason not to believe them: they are scientists reputable, cherish the reputation, and even lie – so-so pro-Russian way – they have no reasons), it turns out that 70% of the total the male population of Russia are purebred Russians. By the penultimate census (the results of the last so far unknown), 80% of respondents consider themselves Russians; on 10% more are Russified representatives of other peoples (precisely these 10%, if “scratch”, you will find non-Russian roots). And 20% is to the remaining 170 plus nations, nationalities and tribes, living in the Russian Federation. Total: Russia is mono-ethnic, albeit multi-ethnic, country with overwhelming the demographic majority of natural Russians. Right here the logic of Jan Hus begins to work.

About backwardness.

Further – about backwardness. They thoroughly had a hand in this myth churchmen: they say, before the baptism of Russia, people lived on it in full wildness. Wow “wildness”! Conquered half the world, built the great civilization, taught the aboriginal language, and all this long before the birth of Christ … Does not fit, does not fit real story with its church version. There are in the Russian people something primordial, natural, cannot be reduced to religious life. On the northeast of Europe, in addition to Russians, lived, and now live, many peoples, but none of them created anything even remotely similar to great Russian civilization. The same applies to others. places of civilizational activity of Russian Aryans in antiquity. Natural conditions are different everywhere, and the ethnic environment is different, therefore, the civilizations built by our ancestors are not the same, but there is something in common for all of them: they are great on a historical scale values ​​and far exceed the achievements of neighbors.

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