Secret tunnels in romanian mountain

This is a fragment from the book “The Mysteries of the Romanian Sphinx.” Posted by Radu Chinamar. The network has information that “Radu Chinamar” is the pseudonym of the Romanian general Obad – the head of the so-called Department “Zero”, code name of the Romanian secret department intelligence, which is responsible for the so-called. paranormal phenomena and phenomena in Romania.

Radu Chinamar received information from Caesar Braud. it literary pseudonym, name of the operational director of the Department “Zero”. This person has paranormal abilities, in particular, owns telepathy and clairvoyance. Circumstances of his birth forced the secret services of the Securitate to watch him, and in the early aged they took him under their care for a specialized learning.

Therefore, Radu Chinamar is a participant, as well as an eyewitness to the events, the author storytelling. He received information from Caesar Bradu, on the initiative the chief operating officer.

However, the accuracy of this information may be placed under doubt.

In the summer of 2003, in a poorly explored area in the mountains Bucegi, in Romania, a landmark discovery was made that completely change the fate of mankind.

“The Bucegi Mountains are located in the central part of Romania, south of the city of Brasov. They are part of the Southern Carpathians. From the east Bucegi mountain range ends abruptly, which made this part of the park very attractive to extreme sportsmen. Much earlier Mount Bucegi was revered as sacred, the locals believed that on the top of the mountain and in its caves lives the mythical god Zalmoxis. Bucegi mountain range reaches a maximum height at around 2505 meters above sea level.

Within the park there are a large number of pastures, where sheep and horses graze. Also significantly arealess treeless mountain plots. In many places, huge boulders formed natural the monuments are rather bizarre in shape. Remarkable but in the mountains there are calcareous conglomerates forming distinct forms here topography, which received specific names, such as the Sphinx and Bab and etc. )

Secret tunnels in the Romanian mountainA photo from open sources

After declassification of new satellite data GPR 2 years ago, it became known about the existence of a staggering a complex system of underground labyrinths in various parts of the world. IN places like guatemala in south america tunnels have been laid to the map under the Mayan pyramid complex in Tikal and they stretch for 800 kilometers to the opposite side of the country. To establish of this fact, a new technology was also used, which allowed to make this wonderful discovery in Romania. Discovery in Romania

The Romanian government was given a colossal diplomatic pressure by the United States and the Vatican with purpose not to disclose to the whole world information about this discovery. IN the result was a temporary agreement between Vatican City, USA and Romania.

US quickly track Romania’s actions through NATO [confirmed] and the Vatican gave the Romanian government some very important documents related to the past of the country. The Pentagon’s geodetic satellite scan revealed two major energy barriers. Overlapping restricted access with using artificial energy: the first was made in the form of a wall, which blocked access to the tunnel. The second was huge as dome or hemisphere, at the opposite end of the tunnel, not far from the center of the mountain. The entire hemisphere tunnel was located in a plane parallel to the earth, and overlapping the vertical hemisphere corresponded to the rocks on the ridge called “Baba.”

Essentially, the vertical slope ended 40 meters between complex “Babele” (“Women”) and the Sphinx of Bucegi. Command The Pentagon noted that the energy hemispherical barrier has same oscillation frequency and same shape as another very the secret underground structure they discovered earlier not far from Baghdad in Iraq. Shortly after this discovery, began Iraq war and a few months later the Americans had access to the biggest secret in the area, about which the Iraqis are nothing they knew. They managed to drill the first barrier, but the second could not to overcome. Everything that was thrown at this barrier turned into dust, and when the soldiers came too close to the barrier, they falling from cardiac arrest. (How they penetrated through it is told later in this thread). But where they entered became known as “Grand Gallery” (“Grand Gallery”).

A photo from open sources

The wall inside the “Great Gallery” seemed artificial origin, but it was felt that something organic was also was part of it. It was the color of oil, but had green and even blue reflection. At a distance of 280 feet, the gallery suddenly turned to the right at an acute angle. From a great distance it seemed plots blue, as noted, sparkle like a star. Blue light in The end of the gallery was just a reflection of a protective energy shield. In the Iraqi dungeon

US National Security Advisor was notified that the energy cocoon from Iraq (in Baghdad) suddenly activated by pulsating at high frequencies. In front of the shield a hologram of the planet also appeared. She is consistent and gradually depicted the European continent, and then went to southeast and fell into the Bucegi mountains, in Romania, occurred enlargement and, finally, indicated the place in the structures of the corridors. It was obvious that two hemispherical energy shields were in direct connection.

(To be continued)

Vatican NATO Pyramids USA

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