Sensation: Nefertiti tomb found

Sensation: Nefertiti's Tomb FoundPhotos from open sources of

Despite the fact that the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten, Queen of Egypt (after husband’s death) and the incomparable beauty Nefertiti, whose face decorated many temples of the country, held the highest status (some scientists believe that she was a mysterious foreigner, and perhaps even alien), her burial has not yet been found.

Moreover, the tomb of Nefertiti for many decades “constantly find “, but in fact, each such discovery is another duck. This time about the alleged burial place of the Queen of Egypt stated the English archaeologist Nicholas Reeves. Scanning the famous Tutankhamun’s tomb, Reeves found two secret doors in two the rooms hidden behind them. One of them, most likely, is a pantry, but the second, which is slightly larger, may well be the legendary grave Nefertiti. The architect himself does not doubt it at all.

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Reeves’s claims are not without logic. The fact is that the tomb Tutankhamun has long been controversial and various assumptions in scientists circles. It is too small inside compared to a large outdoor volume, archaeologists have long been looking for a clue to this, suggesting that this burial has not yet been fully discovered and studied. If english the archaeologist is right, then this find can be sensational for the whole learned world.

A photo from open sources

Recall that Pharaoh Tutankhamun Nefertiti had a stepmother. It is believed that after the death of Akhenaten some time while growing up little Tutankhamun, it was Nefertiti who ruled Egypt. Maybe, on the site of the current tomb of Tutankhamun she was robbed, and already only later this crypt was altered for the burial of Tutankhamun, who could express a desire to lie with his great step mother.

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