Sensational find: ancient pyramids Antarctica

Sensational find: the ancient pyramids of AntarcticaPhoto from open sources

A group of researchers consisting of eight scientists from Europe and United States discovered ancient in Antarctica pyramids that even with a cursory glance (see photo) cannot be identified as natural creations.

Scientists concluded that once on the site of the current glacial the desert was a flowering mainland, and on it lived people who either they built the pyramids themselves, or the more developed ones helped them civilizations to build these mysterious buildings scattered throughout our planet.

A photo from open sources

The two pyramids of Antarctica are located sixteen kilometers from the coastline, and one practically stands on the shore. Not yet it is clear what role these structures played in the life of ancient people given the mainland, and how they used the pyramids. Maybe not even as tombs.

Note that the scientific expedition of European and American scientists were somewhat ahead of Zorigto Namsaraev, a resident of Buryatia, who visited the mysterious pyramids much earlier Antarctica and even set the flag of his republic on one of them. About this a brave traveler posted a detailed report on his Facebook page.

Antarctica Pyramids

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