Sex began 200 years ago

A photo from open sources PHOTO: Globallookpress Brochure “Case with a boy who was born a girl recently discovered in the department University of Kansas College Library rare books, reports DailyMail. An unusual find was made by a professor of sociology Carol Warren while searching for rare books on the history of electricity. IN a small edition of only eight pages surgeon Thomas Brand talks about an unusual patient. Once came to him seven year old child with complaints of groin problems. Parents claimed it was a girl. However, upon examination, it turned out that a small patient a rare pathology – male genital organs as as if “disguised” as women. By surgical the doctor managed to “release” the male genital organs. Soon, the patient learned to urinate while standing and began to wear pants. Doctor The brand categorically refused to call the child a hermaphrodite. is he rightly argued that this definition implies individuals of fully developed male and female genital organs. This is quite common in plants and lower animals, but never in humans. Modern science agrees with the doctor By brand. Today it is believed that hermaphroditism in higher vertebrates animals and humans is a pathology of sexual determination on genetic or hormonal levels. Professor Carol Warren, who discovered the brochure, believes that this is the earliest known To date, a description of the operation to adjust the gender. ABOUT full sex change, of course, is not. More correct talk about the patient’s return to his normal gender condition. By the way, in addition to the description, the book contains illustrations, showing the anatomy of a child before and after surgery interventions. It remains only to add that this find really unique, since in the last quarter of the XVIII century. such operations were simply not customary to describe. Equal doctors of that time very rarely practiced risky surgery.


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