Shelter of the representatives of ancient civilization in bowels of the ax

The people have the opinion that the first Christian monks The Russian North was taught by the magi of a certain former civilization. The mysterious history of the possible location of ancient knowledge agreed writer, famous ethnographer of Karelia Alexey POPOV. Temple on the top of the Ax of Mount Shelter of the representatives of ancient civilization in the bowels of the Axir MountainPhoto from open sources – Alex, is it really once in Karelia so-called pagan magi not only warmly welcomed first Christians, but also gave them their innermost knowledge? – It turns out that way! But let’s talk about everything in order. Me like many domestic historians, always surprised by the fact about bloodless baptism of Russia. It was even more amazing how one territory for centuries could actually exist double faith. I got the answer to my questions this fall unexpectedly after the closing took place in Karelia conferences on the study of the phenomenon of giants, really once upon a time living on earth. Unfortunately, I could not attend conference, so after its end one of the organizers events, a man who introduced himself as a priest, Father Michael, he came to me to talk about one of the chapters of my book “The mysterious world of Karelia”, in which I describe the people of the giants, once lived in the republic. – How can it be are the priest and the giants connected? – I was also surprised at first, but father Michael explained to me that the spiritual order does not prevent him from studying the history of the native land, and all creatures, including those that considered mythological – these are God’s creations. Then father Michael told me one amazing story. It turns out in due time he had access to the library of the Solovetsky monastery. Once working with library funds, he discovered a strange document about whose existence before went only legends. It was a diary whose uniqueness was that it was continuously led by many centuries in a row! It turns out among the first monks, once coming to the shore of the White Sea was special, speaking modern language, a newsreel journalist. His duties consistently follow missionary monks and impartially fix everything that happens to them along the way. The chronicler monk should not have day or night to part with this diary, but for safety precious guards were assigned to him two guards. – Is the diary talked about meeting with the giants? – a lot more interesting – with direct descendants of the Hyperboreans! According to father Mikhail, the diary began with the choice of a place for the foundation of Solovetsky the monastery. Moving between the islands of the White Sea, monks stuck to the archipelago on which this future appeared unique cloister. Monks greeted on land aggressively tuned locals are small in stature resembling gnomes with piercing white eyes. It was that the most famous white-eyed chud, or, locally, Sirte. In the case of a skirmish, the monks would have to be tight, but in the most the last moment when the armed conflict seemed to be can no longer be avoided, a boat moored in the island tall gray-haired old man. He said something strictly to the little ones. creatures, and they, without touching the monks, left. Photo from open sources The elder explained what he represents priestly caste of an ancient people with unique knowledge. Magus helped the monks settle down on the island and once even brought them to the mountain, which turned out to be a pyramid. Inside the mountain, the monks found on the walls lit by torches, writing on the Slavic rune and several other languages ​​unknown to them. There, as stated in diary, there were many unique artifacts. – sounds fantastic. The presence of a diary chronicles monks, of course, will be deny. At the same time, if the story told to you is true, then the place should have been clearly indicated in the monastery document the location of the stone pyramid … – Quite right! AND it is known – this is Mount Sekirnaya. In 2002, scientists studied this uphill and came to quite sensational conclusions. They were found that the base of the mountain consists of glacial deposits, and its upper part, resembling a pyramid, is clearly oriented to the cardinal points, can really consist of embankments of artificial origin. – Usually the secret of various natural objects lies in their name. Is known where did the name of this mountain come from? – With the name of this mountain connected a whole layer of amazing legends. Modern name The sekirnaya came from the word “slash.” There is a legend according to which once upon a time, two monks carved an evil the wife of Pomor, who fished and mowed fish on the Solovetsky Islands hay, but forbade monks to do it. True, individual ethnographers they interpret the word “Sekirnaya” not from the word “slaughter,” but from the word “ax” which, in general, is pretty logical. In this case, it turns out that the monks They didn’t carve out the wife of Pomor, but they spotted the axes to death. Photo from open sources The second, released from a wide the name of the mountain, even more surprising – Miracle Mountain. This name speaks for itself and designates either a place where a miracle happened, or the area where the legendary miracle lived white-eyed. Indirect confirmation of this version can serve as studies of scientists conducted in the 30s of the XX century. They don’t could understand where from on a flat, polished Bolshoi Glacier Solovetsky island took a mountain about a hundred meters high. Eventually they recognized it as a pyramid of boulders, folded by some ancient the people who lived in these places. – That is, it really isn’t mountain, and the house is a miracle? “In a sense, yes.” You know, archaeologists have quite accurately established that the Solovetsky archipelago was populated by people a few thousand years before the monks came to him. Novgorodians called these people a miracle, and the local mainland peoples, including the Nenets – syrta (kirta). Mention of this tribe is even in the “Tale of Bygone Years.” I think the second name more true, since in translation from ancient languages ​​”skrd” is artificial embankment of elongated shape. Remember, the same stack is artificially poured mountain of hay elongated. However need take into account that “skrd” are bulk, artificial dwellings, which could be from hay, twigs, moss or stone. In this light the assertion of the ancient Novgorodians that “the chud left buried herself under the ground. “Scientists have definitely established that the ancient population of the Solovetsky archipelago lived in caves. By the way, back in the 19th century, academician Lepekhin wrote: “All Samoyed land in the present Mezen district is filled with desolate dwellings some people. They are found in many places, with lakes on the tundra. and in the forests by the rivers, made in the mountains and hills like caves with holes like a beast. In these caves they find stoves and find wreckage made of iron, copper, and clay. “And as for stone bulk mountains such as the Sekirnaya, then this is no longer at home from peat and moss for living people, and the houses of the dead, pyramids made of stones. – In other places of the Russian North there are similar stone pyramids – dwellings of the crank-skirt? – Of course. At the mouth Korotaikha River is located Sikhirtesa mountain, translated from Nenets in Russian – “the mountain of the people of Skirt.” There is a cape on Vaigach island Siirtesale, in translation – “Cape Skirta”. And there and there, these places are considered sacred. On the island, archaeologists were also discovered figures of winged people that they attributed to the era ancient people that inhabited the coast of the Arctic Ocean. – It all fits together! True, in this case the monks who formally founded a monastery, should have been discoverers and The second ax … – It is. After all, it is at this mountain in the beginning XV century, the monks German and Savvatiy landed on Solovki for the first time, future founders of the monastery. The monks built a monastery on the mountain, and already then, on the shore of the well-being bay, the monastery itself was founded. By legend, it was from the slopes of the mountain that the monks took pine and spruce for its construction. In this light, the name “Ax Mountain” may denote, in modern terms, “logging”. By the way, precisely because of Herman and Savvaty, two angels (white young men) carved the wife of a Pomar fisherman who settled here, claiming that the Lord defined this land for the monastery. – Really no one has yet found the entrance to the inside The second ax and did not find the amazing artifacts of the previous Earth civilization? – You see, if the chronicle diary reflects real story, then in the past the monks carefully guarded this mountain from prying eyes. In the Soviet years, during the existence of Solovetsky concentration camp archipelago, on the mountain was a penalty insulator. There was even a saying: “All of Russia is afraid of Solovkov, and all Solovki are afraid of the Sekirnaya Mountain! “If the prisoners have something found, their knowledge was buried here, along with them. Today the monks again protect Solovki’s secret, so I can’t even suggest when researchers finally get the chance to uncover the secrets of the Ax of Mount, if any, of course, in fact exist. Interviewed by Dmitry SIVITSKY Help: In August 2002, geological and geomorphological studies Russian scientists have confirmed the possibility of artificial Origin of the Ax of Mount. Although the elevation itself (the base of the pyramid) formed by glacial deposits, there is reason to say that from above this natural formation was really supplemented embankments of artificial origin, thousands of years ago giving it the shape of an absolutely regular pyramid. In 2002 in the outline of the sekirka relief by the researchers identified geometrically regular shapes, and strictly oriented to the sides Sveta.

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