Shocking surprises lurk in our stories

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Amazing and under an hour of incredible surprises presents us our lives, but even more shocking surprises lurk in our stories. In this work, I, without the slightest desire, something invent, just give one example, which is more than clear demonstrates that which, it would seem, cannot be and should not to be, but it is and not to notice this is not possible. Guided by previous work “Super-weapons in the service of the Pharaoh” only written sources, now I can demonstrate other examples of the presence in the era of BC more than modern technology and devices still not understood by our purpose. A little ahead of the description, I would like to separately note that these images probably belong to the ancient kingdom and only copied during the new kingdom from ancient images. About This is indicated by the purpose of these “devices” and the fact that history the new kingdom is more or less well known, and be like her facts, they would certainly be reflected somewhere. Also quite it is possible that in the period of the new kingdom a certain vault cache from which Networks first, Ramses second and even Merinptah, could learn something “divine” for themselves and their good of their business. At the same time, artists and sculptors could copy many “magic signs” kindly provided to them priests. The role of priesthood in these secrets leaves no doubt, so how exactly to the castes of priests throughout the history of ancient Egypt had to fulfill the function of custodians and disseminators of knowledge, which were the totality of all the sciences “gifted” and acquired over thousands of years by the history of this ancient civilization.

This image is a fragment of the inscription in the temple of the Network first in Abydos. I don’t care what it says about the so-called “official” Egyptology, since what depicted here, can not cause any doubt. Naturally, only what we can understand so far. As they say, more is seen from far away. Could a person, even technically educated, new kingdoms understand any of this? I think no. And of course he surely put forward his own, unknown to us, but from this not at all more truthful versions. What is depicted in the fragment? I I will start with the most incomprehensible and end with what I have no doubt about. In the lower right corner is something reminiscent of a radar installation with an antenna; to the left – something suggestive of ground transportation on the air cushion. This pillow is rather “polar” rather than similar to modern. The device is not flying, judging by the broken aerodynamic proportions. Too huge tail rather served cornering, at a height of this size, the tail is not practical. But it may not be a tail, but a rear-mounted installation with propellers or another engine. Non-smoothed cab shape confirms the terrestrial apparatus. A little higher – already clearly flying apparatus, similar to a heavy, non-speed transport aircraft. Design features allow us to suggest more advanced than modern design and type engine. Inside the “airplane” seems to be empty, there should cargo is located. From the rest of the place, it seems that the engine is located below. If there was a second engine, then he was auxiliary and could be in puffiness from above. Wings small and do not carry functions similar to the wings of modern airplanes. In addition, if you move the bottom up, then we we’ll see that it fits perfectly into the round shape of the device, and then there is a second version: the plane resets something; while doing so form (without cargo) seems more than impractical for high-speed flight, but very convenient for hanging a container with cargo, when this container is a special form suitable for the aircraft. More higher depicts a device similar to an airship or submarine. The corrugation of the front end resembles the design of some airship models of the first half of the twentieth century, but already ours era, however the back with fuzzy outlines and flattened laterally, the middle is not in favor of such an apparatus as it is not in the benefit of the submarine. Adds mystery and a huge “mustache”, sticking out from the top of the case and “smoothed” along the body. FROM the same probability can be assumed in this and that, and another, and even more – the cigar-shaped uterus ship, so famous ufologists for some UFOs. Well, in conclusion, the most understandable to us, at our present stage of technical development, image – helicopter. Its appearance leaves no chance for doubt. Did that specifically deny everything and not notice. Consider it more in detail, it is worthy if only because it is designed more practical and competent than all modern helicopters of this kind destination. The screw has a large scale, which indicates a powerful engine, which is shown immediately below it. The device does not have rear screw, but there is a big “tail” – by the way, a little similar in form to the first considered image of ground transport. Here he, however, is smoothed over the upper corner. The shape of the case is embossed almost perfect, with deflections of the fuselage and other details. Questions arise when looking at a large cutout in the case from below. If draw a line there, then the helicopter will become very similar to small US landing helicopters, which they used in Vietnam. However, the cutout is made for some reason, why? And everything, it turns out, is very simply. For cargo. And with this feature the helicopter is very similar to aircraft-like apparatus. A load suspended from ropes creates body vibrations, undesirable during maneuver and dangerous in wind. An empty cable may even be blown onto the screw, resulting in disaster – this is a tragic practice and modern prove cargo helicopters. The essence of this “cut-out” is to exclude during transportation, similar dangers; also coming off land, a helicopter of this design does not experience jerking case overloads like others, to which something is suspended. Due getting rid of these troubles, a similar helicopter, for sure, more lifting. Noteworthy is the form itself. “cutout”. She is geometrically correct and most suitable for transportation of rectangular items. It’s even scary to imagine imagine that the “classics” of Egyptology will immediately shout, but the stone blocks large pyramids are ideal in both shape and weight, medium 0.5-2500 kg, for transportation by such a helicopter. However, and raise them to a height so much more convenient than building breathtaking mounds, practically no one has succeeded. What about the largest and heaviest blocks of the pyramids, they could be raised and other devices.

Shocking surprises lurk in our historyPhotos from open sources of

Concluding I want to note. Many features depicted we may not understand devices at all because our present the level of technical and scientific development may not yet correspond to which they, these devices, are made.

Pyramids Aircraft

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