Siberian riddles

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Vast Siberia stretches across the vastness of Russia. His majestic, vast nature she conquered all travelers and scientists who have ever visited her boundless latitudes. Unforgettable and sensation from the discovery of historical monuments of archeology created by human hands. Back in the 18th century Russian writer and historian Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin wrote that “Russia has opened a second new world for Europe, deserted and cold, but free for human life, marked by diversity, the greatness, wealth of nature. “” Underground curiosity “Squad ataman Ermak Timofeevich Alenin on September 1, 1581 moved to the mountains of the Urals along the river called Chusovaya. The detachment consisted of 840 Cossacks and was assembled thanks to the help of merchants. Having reached the Irtysh, in October 1581 the detachment was not attacked by Tatars. Overcoming the hard way, the warriors of the detachment met a lot unusual things that have not been seen before and periodically reported this home. Ermak’s team in the research process found so called the Underground Curiosity. Now data on such a find stored in the archives of the 18th century. The find was discovered when the Cossacks they took the city of Isker, which was located on the hill of Irtysh. TO surprise for the warriors in the city there were no people and no bodies dead. No household items or any food. After further careful inspection of the city, the Cossacks discovered a hole that continued all the way to the river. Surprise Cossacks knew no bounds when they saw the underground city. Caves representing dwellings were connected by a system of intertwined underground walkways. In large cave halls, there were still coals from bonfires, recalling people who were recently there. Premises and the walls were lined with shells and river stones. Underground storage kept huge reserves of precious stones, gold, silver, furs, brocade. In addition, Ermak’s squad found in the underground city a cemetery in whose walls the bodies of deceased residents were walled city ​​of Isker. In the cave was also found a place allocated for the cult of the pagans, in which the figures of the gods made made of wood and stone. The room for the cult was located in small separate cave. In its center was quite large deepening. In this recess lay human bones and bones animals and traces of the recent bonfire were visible. Supposedly when the siege of the city began all the inhabitants using underground passages, went to the other side of the Irtysh. The head of the settlement ordered mine the tunnels with small powder kegs, and Take especially valuable supplies with you. At the moment from once large villages of the Siberian Tatars were only shallow hollows overgrown with grass. These tracks are not far from Krasnoyarsk, three hundred kilometers from it. City of Giants In the 90s of the 20th century, another quite interesting thing was done. opening in the south-west of Altai, not far from Kazakhstan, and by chance. After studying the discovery, scientists concluded that in ancient times settled in Siberia people with a high level cultures and possibly their development by anthropometric indicators differed from the level of the person of the present time. Scientists studying natural underground caves have found a whole system such caves, most likely serving as a place of residence for ancient people. The caves themselves were very large. Between themselves they were connected by passages and had only three exits. The underground housing area as a whole amounted to 1.5 km. In the caves were huge amazing vertical slabs installed. More in total they resembled tables, although for a modern person they seemed very large. The greatest interest aroused the find, discovered in a remote cave, behind a huge slab on which special images were carved. Huge were spent the efforts of several people to push the stove. No surprise there was a limit. A map of the sky was depicted on the round arch of the cave. In the vault itself were holes in which the sun fell rays. With the movement of the sun across the sky, the picture of the starry sky also changed. In a cave. When it began to get dark, scientists returned back to the camp, and at dawn again went to the complex of caves. But unfortunately, they could not again find the entrance to the city of Giants. On modern no one could find him in the stage of life. This is wonderful the discovery was reflected in one of the Turkic legends. In the legend the tribe of warriors with whom one Asian ruler is mentioned signed an agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, residents of the Asian village were supposed to give beautiful heroes during the threat of war girls. In exchange for this, the giants defended the Siberian Khanate. But the giants left those places even when in the Karakum desert there was a sea. One day they gathered and went into the unknown direction, since then mention of them no longer met. Subsequently, the villages disappeared from the face of the earth as a result of numerous devastating wars. The death of the village is associated with using nuclear weapons for the first time many thousands of years ago. But about This fact is already mentioned in another legend. Kolymsky “spaceport” Another amazing accidental discovery was made in 1932. At that time, construction began in the Kolyma region camps to which Soviet people were later sentenced for crimes against the Soviet government. On the Yukagir Plateau began to build one of the camps, which is located 120 km. from the village of Zyryanka. The construction crews were composed of convicts, who worked under guard. For the construction of the camps required clearing the territory. Forests were tumbled down, territories from stone. Initially, the camp was planned on a hill, but a large part of it was occupied by a lake. It was decided to make explosions for in order to drain the lake. After the attempt, muddy gushed lake water through cracks formed in the mountain as a result of the explosion. After all the water came out and the bottom seemed engineers were very surprised. They saw that at the very bottom cone-shaped bowl, the top of which was as if cast from a good concrete. The bottom itself was covered in entwined parts of the unknown metal, somewhat reminiscent of aluminum. Based on the cone, you can it was noticeable the effect of strong burners. It looked as if someone specifically burned the structure. A few years later one of engineers, the construction of Soviet camps participated in the construction, and later in maintaining the functioning of the launch complex spaceships Baikonur. They found several common the line between the space structure and the structure found at the bottom lakes. The burned sections of the cone were similar to some elements cosmodrome. An unusual discovery was immediately reported to the head of the camp construction. Management decided to blow the weird object and fill it with sand, clay and river rock, which was done. All witnesses signed silent about the discovery. strange Kolyma Baikonur …

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