Signs and conspiracies of November

Signs and conspiracies of November Many do not believe in the signs of November, as they believe that the climate has changed long ago, and predictions do not come true. But most of them will work now. They indicate what kind of winter to expect – warm or harsh, rainy or snowy, whether the harvest will be rich, whether the cold weather will come soon.

Signs for every day of the month

If you follow nature in November, folk signs for November will tell you a lot of interesting things.

  1. Nov. 1. The day of Ivan. Migratory birds fly high in the sky – it will be a snowy winter, the flock has sunk low – there will be little snow. Snow is falling and cold – by late, cold spring. If it is warm outside, then the omen promises a warm spring.
  2. Close to the village wolves howl – strong cold snaps are ahead. A particularly loud howl predicts a hungry winter.
  3. The snow falls and does not melt – the omen promises a warm spring. The sunset is red and the sky is starry – the next few days will be clear and frosty.
  4. Day of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. It is raining – the cold will soon come. This day is successful for weddings – a happy life together awaits the young.
  5. Jacob day. Folk omens on this day tell not only about the weather for November and next winter, but also for spring: it is snowing or raining, a bountiful harvest should be expected.
  6. After a long calm, a strong wind blew towards the snow. The ray bursts – it will be cold, sparkles and does not flare up – to warming.
  7. Foggy morning – signs promise a thaw.
  8. Saint Demetrius Day (memorial). Cold and snowy – be cold Easter. The windows in the hut are fogged up – frosts will come soon.
  9. November 9. On this day, they judge what May will be like.
  10. The branches of the trees are covered with frost – a sign predicts frost.
  11. Low clouds in the sky predict bad weather.
  12. Sinichkin day. Poultry hides its head under the wing – to imminent frost. The appearance of tits on this day predicts severe cold.
  13. The bullfinch whistled – winter is coming soon.
  14. A warm day predicts a warm winter.
  15. The sky is covered with leaden clouds – to warming.
  16. Day of Agapy Krosenny and Anna Holodnaya. The smoke from the chimney rises – towards the frost, spreads to the ground – towards the thaw.
  17. Eremin’s day. Clouds hang low – signs warn of bad weather.
  18. A lot of snow has fallen, winter will be snowy and fierce.
  19. The weather was frosty – the whole winter will be snowy. If the stars seem rare – to a blizzard and blizzard, small – there will be snowfall.
  20. Snow has fallen – it will get warmer.
  21. Michaelmas. The weather is clear – signs warn of a harsh winter. If the water is frozen, then December will be cold. There are many cones on the spruce – to be mild in winter.
  22. Day of Matryona Winter. Frost on trees – wait for frost. Snowy, cloudy weather predicts cold May.
  23. Frost on the trees indicates imminent frosts, fog – it will be warm.
  24. Day of Fyodor Studit, Ekaterina Sannitsa. Starry sky – a sign promises that the next year will be rich in the harvest of mushrooms and berries.
  25. If it rains, it will be warm until December 4th.
  26. On the 26th, Saint John Chrysostom is worshiped. Sparrows are circling in flocks, flying from place to place – to wait for a strong wind. The sparrows were chirping – according to signs there will be a thaw.
  27. If the weather turned out to be cloudy or it was a snowy day, then May, according to signs, will be cold. If the sun is shining, then the last spring month will delight you with warmth and sun.
  28. Guryev day. If the weather is cloudy or snowy, signs for November predict frequent rains in May.
  29. Matveyev day. The warmer the day, the colder the winter will be.
  30. November 30th. The weather is good, the winter will be mild, the bad weather – the winter will be severe. If the ice is dense and dense, there will be a rich harvest.

Mosquitoes in November – for a warm winter, trees do not shed their leaves – a cold spring is ahead.

Signs for every day of the month of November

November conspiracies

November conspiracies are carried out to protect and save the home. They have the same power as prayer, since the energy of the Higher powers is hidden in simple words. People who believe in omens do not read them every day, since each conspiracy has its own date:

  • On November 7, a girl, hoping to take possession of the heart of a young man, can recite a night spell: ‘Bassoon, burn the heart, body and blood (name), for love …’.
  • If the family often quarrels and it comes to assault, on November 11, after seeing how cats, roosters or dogs are fighting, you need to cross yourself and say: ‘Fight you, not us (names). Amen’.
  • On November 15, they read conspiracies from boils, barley and colds on the lips. Prayers are said after sunset by sliding your finger over the sore spot.
  • The 20th is suitable for removing spoilage.
  • On John Chrysostom (26th) they pray for the recovery of dumb children.
  • If a wedding is celebrated on November 29, and the bride and groom have the same names, then during the feast one of the relatives of the young should say: ‘God gave paired names, married them as a couple, God will not forget them, he will not destroy them early.’

November is full of folk signs. It is used to judge what the weather will be in April and May, what the harvest will be, how much snow will fall. Nature itself gives signs: if you follow it carefully, you can not turn to forecasters, and be prepared for weather changes.

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