Six unsolved secrets of the ancients civilizations

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This fact is not covered by the world media and is not widely discussed. public, but, nevertheless, remains a fact: today humanity must choose which view of history it will adhere to, and in which direction, based on your choice, move further.

At the moment there is an official, devoid of puzzles, somehow explaining some inconsistencies and busy mainly digging shards and cataloging, official history. Her, now in full force, relying on evidence and questions for which there is no answer are crowded with an alternative story.

It should be noted that even 15 years ago, the followers of both directions worked together and could always agree, but it ended for two reasons. First, the “alternatives” quarreled with Egyptologists, reasonably suggesting that the famous Sphinx is much older than even the oldest of Egyptian pharaohs. And the second blow to the official science of history became the book by Chris Dunn “Power Station in Giza: Technology of the Ancient Of Egypt. ”

On this, at the end of the tenth years, the official and alternative stories diverged. No more even formal politeness, a challenge is thrown and accepted, the cold war has begun. Adherents of official history adopt politics and ideology. They are no longer limited to declaring the exclusive the truth of the “right” story, they began to lead an active anti-propaganda of any other views on the human past. It looks at least strange and suggests such “scientists” are just angry watchmen who guard the inviolability of generally accepted scientific dogmas.

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1 secret. The Great Pyramid: absolutely accurate engineering think

The last of the seven wonders of the world, and the most wonderful of them. Despite the fact that every centimeter is carefully examined, official history provides very few comprehensive explanations. Who was a builder? For what purpose is it built? How illiterate and wild Egyptians managed to create a structure of 2,3 million stone blocks with a total mass of over four million tons perfectly matched to each other with the help of the unknown fastening mortar and forming perfect from an engineering point view, structure? This one, the last question, in itself gives rise to a lot of new questions and not a single answer to it exists. IN the twenty first century with all our building technologies, we are hardly capable of repeating this ancient structure. And how much more such inexplicable facts?

Almost seamless pyramid surface. To level limestone to the extent laser technology is needed. They are needed in order to accurately calculate the base to the centimeter pyramids, as it was calculated.

Perfectly straight descent tunnel, one hundred meters long, cut through in the rock at an even angle of 26 degrees. Moreover, the torches are completely definitely not used during construction. How then without fire and special devices maintained the accuracy of the angle? The error in the size of the tunnel does not exceed several millimeters.

The structure is aligned to the cardinal points with minimal error. For this it was necessary to have considerable knowledge in the field of astronomy.

A very complex, but harmoniously built internal structure, turning the pyramid into a 48-story building equipped mysterious ventilation shafts, doors, in the cutting of which, without a doubt, saws with diamond were used tipped, obvious machine grinding of stone in various the premises of the Great Pyramid.

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2 mystery. The origin of the dog: genetic engineering covered with darkness even more ancient than the Egyptian darkness – this dogs. It would seem that there is nothing surprising in dogs, that’s all only domesticated descendants of wolves, foxes, coyotes and other dogs. However, the origin of man’s loyal friends is not so obvious. More recently, geneticists have discouraged that archaeologists anthropologists and zoologists have been mistaken for generations at the expense of dogs. IN In particular, generally accepted beliefs that the dog turned out to be erroneous It was domesticated about 15 thousand years ago. First research by a dog’s DNA showed that all breeds of dogs were bred exclusively from wolves, and no later than forty thousand years ago, perhaps even even earlier, up to 150 thousand years BC.

Why is this fact so interesting? This question can be given the answer, asking another question: how did it happen that suddenly from a wolf dogs are bred? You should not think that this question is easy reply. Or hard. There is no answer to this question at all. Reasoning that our Stone Age ancestors somehow made friends with the wolf (and it is not known how in this way) and this wolf became a mutant wolf, the father of all dogs. Or mother. Of course, everyone loves dogs and wants to believe that everything happens like that. simple but not really happening.

The question is, how did it happen that the pope’s wolf and wolf moms a completely different beast appeared, mutant looking like a wolf, but in whose character only those traits are left, which were suitable for living together with a person and were him convenient and helpful. It’s unexplainable. And besides, it’s incredible, because that a random mutant simply would not survive in a flock subject to strict hierarchies and certain rituals. No natural evolution here could not be. Any zoologist will confirm: if a person takes from forests of two wolves, male and female, then even for a long time without the intervention of genetic engineering, he cannot bring a dog out.

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3 mystery. Mohenjo Daro: Urban Architecture the most official story does not argue with the fact that living “without “humanity” had until the twentieth century. No sewers before in the cities and did not smell. It turns out not in all. Residents of the South Asian city of Mohenjo Daro, which existed from about 2600 to 1700 BC, enjoyed their blessings civilization of that time, and the benefits were almost inferior to modern ones. Mohenjo-Daro is surprising, however, not so much by the presence of a water supply system and public toilets, as much as the urban structure itself, carefully thought out and perfectly executed. The city was obviously fully planned in advance and built on a special outboard system in two levels. Mohenjo Daro’s buildings are made of burnt standard size bricks. A clear street system at home amenities “, granaries, baths – the city was equipped with everything necessary by modern standards.

The Mohenjo Daro riddle and the main question intended historians and archaeologists, such: where are those cities that preceded this capital of Indian civilization? Why don’t people even knew how to burn a brick – and suddenly rebuilt a similar metropolis? But this question is not the only one, since the social structure in Mohenjo-Daro was also significantly ahead of everyone else.

Indian civilization is one of three whose writing was not decrypted. Their cities are the same age as the great Egyptian pyramids.

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4 mystery. Sumerians – the basis of all civilizations Indus Valley, “the land of Abraham” – dry, barren, cut a mighty river, could not be the ultimate dream for nomads Stone Age tribes. Historians until recently did not believed in the Sumerians, considering them a biblical fiction, and now no one cannot explain where they came from, why they chose such harsh places to justify what language was spoken, where did they come from the foundations of metallurgical production were known. The Sumerians knew how to build furnaces for the production of bronze, built cities, erected ziggurats, cultivated the land and developed sciences, in particular, math. Thanks to them, 60 minutes per hour, and 60 minutes per minute seconds. It was they who calculated that in the circle – 360 degrees. And all this is while almost everywhere on earth humanity is still mumbled, folded on his fingers and collected edible roots.

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5 mystery. Teotihuacan – an incredible development of technology

Teotihuacan was the first real city in America, as northern, so southern. During its heyday, at least 200 thousand lived in it. human. Archaeologists pronounce this name with reverence, therefore that it seems to be synonymous with archaeological and historical ignorance: almost nothing is known about this city. Where from took the people who built the city, what language they spoke, how their society was organized. Here at the top of the pyramid of the sun, archaeologists have found one of the most amazing artifacts on the planet: mica records. It doesn’t sound impressive, but for those who interested in science, the presence of huge mica plates embedded in the upper part of the pyramid – a significant event. Mica is not good in the role of building material, but it is an excellent shield against electromagnetic radiation and radio waves. Whatever the ancient inhabitants of Teotihuacan didn’t use mica, meaning She was clearly not in the decor.

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6 Mystery. Peru: high technology in the Stone Age Titicaca, located in the Andes, on the border of Bolivia and Peru, also not the most comfortable and fertile place on earth. Nonetheless, it is full of mysterious megalithic structures, sometimes not quite understandable purpose. Artfully carved stone statues weighing more than a hundred tons are held together by bronze, as molten and special bronze clamps. Archaeologists believe that bronzes could not be in Peru at that time, but it is, as well as conclusive evidence that at an altitude of 3800 meters were created highly productive agricultural zones with using dams, channels and dams. Needless to say that neither the origin nor the language of the mysterious civilization is not historians known.

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