Skeletons with magic rings found in Egypt on toes

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Recently, two magical burials were discovered in Egypt, whose age is more than 3300 years. Archaeologists carefully examined the remains both graves and concluded that the buried Egyptians died in about 35-40 years old. One of them discovered in 2011 year, was wrapped in a textile mat, and on the second finger of the right he wore a ring made of copper alloy. Such rings were found earlier when excavating the ancient Of Egypt. It is believed that they were magical amulets. Scientists believe that the man wore the ring during his lifetime and in this way tried to heal his body from numerous injuries and fractures. Not counting several broken ribs and a fracture of the right ulnar bone, his right leg was broken in the hip. Wearing rings may have been an attempt to heal these injuries with of magic. Apparently, during the life of this Egyptian suffered from strong the pain that caused him his many injuries, however magic, unfortunately, did not help in this case. Second burial It was discovered in 2012. The remains are poorly preserved and the floor the skeleton could not be determined, however, researchers discovered a copper alloy magic ring worn on a finger legs. Scientists have a question: what is it, a tribute to fashion or magic ancient egyptians? At the southern cemetery of the ancient city of Akhetaten (the modern name of El Amarna), which means “Aton horizon”, skeletons with magic rings on toes were also found. The ancient city built by the pharaoh Akhenaten who tried introduce a religion of worship of the Sun (Aton), a short period of time was considered the capital of ancient Egypt. Akhenaten was also probably the father of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. In addition, it was his remains for the first time underwent mummification, and the reconstructed cast of his face has striking similarity with the image of the Sphinx. After death Akhenaten his successors not only severely condemned him for trying religious reform, but also abandoned the city he built. However, researchers believe that magic rings are unlikely to somehow associated with the religious innovations of Akhenaten, because, rather all appeared long before his reign.

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