Skulls of Doom

In 1924, the expedition of the famous English archaeologist and traveler F. Albert Mitchell-Hedges began work on clearing the ancient Mayan city in the humid tropical jungle Yucatan Peninsula (at that time – British Honduras, now – Belize). Skulls of DoomPhotos from open Sources Thirty-three hectares of forest, barely absorbed guessable old buildings, to facilitate excavation just burned out. When the smoke finally cleared, the expedition members an amazing sight opened: the stone ruins of the pyramid, city ​​walls and a huge amphitheater for thousands of spectators. With easy the hands of Mitchell-Hedges for the ancient settlement entrenched name Lubaantun, which is translated from the Mayan language means – “City of the Fallen stones. ”Three years passed, and in his next expedition Mitchell-Hedges took his young daughter Anna … In April 1927 a day Anna discovered her seventeen under the rubble of an ancient altar is an amazing item. It was made from transparent quartz and beautifully polished human skull real size. Its weight was 5.13 kg with a very decent dimensions – 124 mm wide, 147 mm high, 197 mm in length. True, he lacked the lower jaw, but after three months, just eight meters from the location of the skull she also showed up. It turned out that this crystal detail suspended on perfectly smooth joints and set in motion at the slightest touch. Photo from open sources However, there is another version, according to which Mitchell-Hedges purchased this skull at auction in London in 1943. After some time, the researchers turned attention to the fact that in ancient Native American traditions thirteen crystal skulls of the “Goddess of Death” stored separately from each other under the watchful eyes of priests and special warriors. Naturally, their search began, soon giving results. Similar skulls were found in some museums and private individuals. And not only in America (in Mexico, Brazil, USA), but also in Europe (in France), and in Asia (in Mongolia, Tibet). There were significantly more than thirteen skulls. But not all were as perfect as the Mitchell Hedges. Most skulls looked much ruder. It seems that these were later and not very skillful attempts to create something like perfect skulls, which is believed to have once been given to people by the gods. It turned out that Midge-Hedges was not the first author of such finds: back in late 80s in Mexico, one of the soldiers of the emperor Maximilian found a crystal skull, now exhibited in The British Museum. This instance is significantly different from Lubaatunsky – despite the similarity in size, he is less transparent, less detailed, and the lower jaw merged with the skull. Yet one rough “copy” of the crystal skull is in the Museum of Man in Paris. It appears under the name – “skull of the Aztec god underground kingdom and death. “Interest is another completely human skull (“Max”). Owner Joan Parks inherited it from a Tibetan monk who used it to treat people. AND finally, one of the last finds about which in August 1996 FATE magazine reported. In the winter of 1994, the mistress of a ranch near Creston (state of Colorado, USA), circling their possessions on a horse, noticed on the earth is some kind of brilliant object. Picked it up. It was human skull made of transparent glass or crystal. However extremely the hard material is crumpled and twisted as if it were previously very ductile. Where it came from and why it is so disfigured remains still a mystery. Research results. Most detailed studies went to the share of the daughter’s find Midge Hedges. At first I studied the skull art critic Frank Dordland. Upon careful examination, he found in a whole system of lenses, prisms and channels creating unusual optical effects. Thanks to her, the eye sockets began to glow when under them, for example, a torch or a candle (similar the effect is also observed in some other, most perfect, finds, in which there are also skillfully executed prisms and lenses). Dordland made several plaster copies of the skull and a huge number of photographs using a microscope and special nozzles. Researchers were struck by the fact that on a perfectly polished even under a microscope, no signs of processing were visible on the crystal. is he decided to seek the advice of a famous company Hewlett-Packard, which at that time specialized in releasing crystal oscillators and considered the most reputable by quartz expertise. Study conducted in 1964 in a special laboratory at Hewlett-Packard, showed that the skull was made long before the first civilizations in this part of America. The mystery was the place where the skull was made: neither in Mexico nor throughout Central America is there a single rock crystal deposits; his only source could only be quartz veins in California however rhinestone such high quality in these places does not occur at all. But the most amazing discovery was that the “antediluvian” skull made of solid crystal. And contrary to all known the laws of physics. That’s what one of the best said about it firm experts, engineer L. Barre: “We studied the skull in three optical axes and found that it consists of three to four splices … Analyzing the splices, we found that the skull was cut from one piece of crystal along with the lower jaw. Mohs scale rhinestone has a high hardness equal to seven (second only cut topaz, corundum and diamond), and cut it with nothing but diamond impossible. But the ancients somehow managed to process it. And not only the skull itself – they cut out the lower jaw from the same piece and hinges on which it is suspended. With such a hardness of the material this is more than mysterious, and here’s why: in crystals, if they consist of more than one splice, there are internal stresses. When you click on the crystal with the cutter head, it’s because of the voltage it can break into pieces … But someone made this skull from one piece of crystal so carefully, as if not at all touched him during the cutting process. When examining the surface skulls we found evidence of exposure to three different abrasives. Its final finish is polished. We also found a kind of prism carved in the back of the skull, in its base, so that any ray of light entering the eye sockets, reflected in them. Look into his eye sockets and you can see in them the whole room. “His colleagues agree with the expert’s opinion. to ensure that the skull does not crumble during processing, we needed the most accurate analytical methods: cuts must be strictly oriented relative to the crystal growth axes. However manufacturers mysterious find this problem did not seem to bother they worked the skull, ignoring all the laws and regulations. Professionals from “Hewlett-Packard” and remained at a loss: “This damn contraption just doesn’t have to exist. Those who created it do not have no idea about crystallography and fiber optics. They completely ignored the axis of symmetry, and this thing inevitably had to fall apart during the initial processing. Why this did not happen, it is impossible to imagine. “However, the fact that called, there is: a crystal skull – a reality that in the Museum Anyone can see the American Indians. One of the most respected crystal skull researchers, Frank Joseph, wondered if there was a “prototype” in the skull Mitchell Hedges and what would the owner of this skull look like? For the purity of the experiment, this task was assigned to two independent groups: New York Police Lab specializing in reconstruction of faces by skulls, and a group of psychics who “connected” to the skull in a state of trance … Both of them independently stated that the “prototype crystal the skull was the skull of a young girl. Portraits taken by both groups turned out to be very similar. In recent years, studying skulls engaged in psychics. They found that the skull is changing coloring and degree of transparency, and sometimes suddenly surrounds itself 45 centimeter luminous halo. In addition, he publishes quiet high-pitched sounds that are very similar to the ringing of silver bells. From time to time from a mysterious subject begins emit an incomparable smell that causes those present people are thirsty. When psychics touch its surface in different places, they experience distinct sensations of heat, now cold, then some vibrations, as if inside a skull is hidden source of energy. A few years ago psychic Star Johnson held a series of sessions with the skull “Max”, during which telepathically communicated with extraterrestrial civilization. Hypothesis. Ancient legends told of strange rituals associated with crystal skulls. Thirteen clergymen were to at the same time peer into your own skull. Tradition reports that in this way the priests could see any secrets – not only that happens in other places, but the past and the future, right down to doomsday. Legends also said that initiates could see turtles day of the return of the gods … Today, some researchers suggest that the found crystal skulls were made in Atlantis and only miraculously survived during the disaster. A supporters of the cosmic paleocontact hypothesis consider the skull the creation of aliens. Some scholars believe that their ancients used for medicinal purposes. So, Joan Parks, inherited the crystal skull “Max” from a Tibetan monk claims to the latter used the skull very successfully to heal people. Observations of researchers and eyewitness accounts showed that crystal skulls really somehow affect those who approaching them. And for different people – in different ways. Alone experiencing discomfort and incomprehensible fears. Some even fall in pass out and lose their memory for a while. Others, on the contrary, strangely calm down and even fall into blissful state. There is a strong belief that crystal skulls also have mystical properties. Psychics and highly sensitive people together assure that the skulls are casting them special, almost hypnotic conditions, accompanied by unusual smells, sounds and bright visual hallucinations. However, not only especially sensitive, but also ordinary people argue that at times they saw a skull glow in the dark or filled with “white fog”, and then “mysterious” appeared in it images of people, as well as mountains, forests, temples and darkness. “There are also version that the skulls acted as recipients and conductors collective unconscious, that is, that legacy of feelings and knowledge, which always circulates in space in the form of energy. Possible further research directions. Have crystals a remarkable property: they have their own memory. This is largely due to the fact that crystals have rigid structure. Each mineral has its own, purely individual spatial lattice. Particle arrangement inside this grating although quite stable, but not perfect and not stable. From external influences, they can shift, and from this crystalline the lattice takes on a unique shape, i.e. becomes kind of a chronicle of events that occurred during the formation and crystal growth. And if there was a tool on which you can to reproduce the recorded, the “chronicle” would be decipherable. In addition, in a similar way, you can use energy transitions in a crystal. The simplest energy the memory of crystals shows us the effect of luminescence, i.e. the ability of a crystal to glow under the influence of its exciting external energy. There is another noteworthy phrase in the description: “… a kind of prism carved in the back of the skull bases, so that any ray of light entering the eye sockets is reflected in them. Look into his eye sockets and you can see the whole the room … “. To some, it resembles the working fluid of a laser devices. Of course, this similarity is extremely distant, but all same … Optical properties of skulls and the lenses and prisms contained in them also push for possible use holographic technology. Checking it out is simple: enough irradiate the skull with a laser beam at different angles with a frequency variation laser and analyze the output signal. If the skull performs the role of the information carrier, then for some directions of the laser beam, this information may appear in the output signal. Although at all it is not necessary that this information be of the form holographic image. It is possible that the analysis of the output the signal will require additional decryption efforts. At the beginning centuries, skulls were sold at auctions. Collectors demand for strange artifacts grew rapidly so it soon appeared their numerous copies. Modern crystal skull stands from 10 to 50 thousand dollars. Of the tens of thousands of skulls that have spread across collections in different countries of the world that are truly ancient today recognized forty-nine. Two of them, the famous Max and Sha Na Ra (each crystalline skull has its own name) exhibited on public viewing in museums in the USA. The rest are carefully sheltered from prying eyes by the hosts. In the largest collection of rare their skulls are eight. Why possess an ancient skull – dream of thousands of people? Each of the 49 skulls is valuable for many reasons. Firstly, it is obvious that this is a rare archaeological find. Secondly – a real work of art, from which it is difficult tear your eyes away. But most importantly, the crystalline skull keeps its secret. Metaphysical properties of the crystal from which it is cut for unknown ancient rituals, including with human sacrifices somehow affect their owner … There is a legend that every ancient crystalline skull looking for a master. She to some extent explains their mysterious I disappear from some and wonderful finds by other people … Sometimes it happens that the skull appears in the field of view of researchers and then disappears without a trace. And then, after many years, it makes itself felt know from the opposite corner of the globe. Another legend related to quantity. So, it is believed that if you can find 13 ancient skulls and arrange in a circle, one of them will be the main and “gather” the knowledge of everyone else. So what is this knowledge? Also in 1945, the International Society was created in New York crystalline skulls. It is neither archaeological nor commercial organization. The main task of society, says him founder, Mr. Nick Noserino, special study and research on these unique items, as well as a “check for antiquity. “All crystalline skulls known today registered and described, and not all information about them available to the general public. Analysis of exhibits in private collections carried out with the permission of the owners. Each instance throughout About 40 specialists study several months. They subject skull simple physical tests, x-ray irradiation, ECG, observe it under an electron microscope, and also investigate – almost like in a detective story – with what tools he was made, where and who was found and how many owners changed. In addition, psychics secluded with a skull for meditation. Metaphysical properties artifacts are being studied following the classified instructions of one of Native American shamans given in 1947. Real ancient skull must respond in a special way to color, light and sound. Have you noticed that when the skull was irradiated through different filters, he “started” himself dictate the sequence of colors. And to the music of the Maya Indians responded with a powerful surge of energy. People spoke like whales and dolphins The story told by Nick Noserino began in Mexico in 1949 year. Traveling around the country, he met a shaman. To narrow leather A small crystalline skull was suspended from a strap around his neck. The decoration conversation gradually turned to ancient skulls the size of with human. Then Noserino first heard about the skull that received Maya name. And thirty years later he received an order for research this skull from an anonymous collector. It turned out that the shaman he once met was forced to sell a relic: his tribesmen were starving. But the shaman did not know where he came from skull and how it was found. Maya’s skull was in the hands of researchers four months. First, scientists worked with him, then mediums, who arranged their sessions in the so-called houses with haunted. Mayans lit with lights, turned on the sounds of the jungle, exposed to a magnet, etc. Finally, it was the turn of meditation. An excerpt from Noserino’s research report is published below. which only this year became available to the general public. “Autumn 1991 year. The skull was with me. From time to time I made myself felt as that evening when he stopped in one of the roadside motels. In order for the experiment to succeed, I had to to retire and stare into the ancient crystal. I sat in front of skull, probably more than an hour, when suddenly its smoky the surface began to disperse, and what appeared after gradually acquired a clear outline. After that, it seemed to me that the skull itself disappeared, and I, sitting on a cloud, watched extending below a vast world. … I saw the earth – the whole the mainland, which was immersed in water. In three directions along it living things moved. One of the groups disappeared in numerous caves, the other in burrows dug in the ground. Smaller group hiding in a strange kind of aircraft and right there ascended to heaven. The largest ship was in the form of a cigar. Other types of devices resembled plates, while others looked like giant dishes with a turret upstairs. The most amazing sight were the inhabitants of this planet. The shapes of their bodies are constantly changing, and the sounds by which they spoke to each other were similar to the voices of whales and dolphins. … I saw meadows that turned into hills. Deserts became seas. Mountains plunged in water. Masses of earth moved, split, and sank. it happened four times, and each time the ocean receded creatures settled on the ground. Their bodies acquired more and more. human appearance. True, some remained in the water, similar to fabulous mermaids. Twice the creatures did not leave the caves. A another time they appeared on the surface by signals that ships and flying people gave them. … the earth was divided into parts. Large groups of people went east, south, and southeast. There and there giant battles broke out between people dressed in long robes and togas, and some half-people, half-animals. Often people and animals like lions and lizards flew into caves or right in water. But the most grandiose and most mysterious sight was when the whole world seemed to turn, and the earth moved. Jungle and desert switched places. And I recognized Africa. … I had the impression that I was looking at the Earth through a telescope. And at the same time participated in what is happening. No one can answer, where was I at deed … Meditation, as I later learned, lasted 33 hours. Again I decided to look at the skull a few days later. And again spent in its depths of about four hours, visiting beautiful cities of the past. Or maybe the future? I failed anymore look into the unknown world. Maya’s skull seemed to grin, showing me clouds only … “About crystalline turtles little is known. And it is unlikely that you will be able to learn more. Archives Societies of crystalline skulls are classified, and collectors like Tolkien’s Gollum do not intend to share “with anyone” treasure. “One thing is certain: these masterpieces of ancient art – and thoughts? – one of the most mysterious treasures of our planet. Andrey Romanov Water Time Dolphins Lasers Mexico Caves US Pyramids Mayan Civilization Shamans Psychics

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