Slavic magician Radomir is ready to wake up

Such a statement was made by Professor Valery Chudinov, who with
from the very beginning was a participant in the study of this amazing discovery –
sarcophagus with the imperishable body of the Slavic magician Radomir.

The message that archaeologists have found a unique tomb in Iran
with the body of a magician Radomir, appeared 9 years ago. The news has become a shock
for the entire scientific world: the fact is that the body of the found magician
remained uncorrupted and retained biological activity. And this
despite the fact that Radomir died more than a thousand years ago.

Found the body of Radomir was completely random – while digging
a ditch under the next construction. Workers during this
operations came upon the ruins of an ancient temple in which they found themselves
three sarcophagus. In one of them, the magician Radomir rested. Next to the body
in the sarcophagus, archaeologists have discovered old books, a unique map
Slavic lands and golden statues.

As the Doctor of Philosophy Valery Chudinov, the body in
the tomb is still in the stage of anabiosis, and therefore not
It is possible that the magician can wake up at any moment and rise from
its temporary “imprisonment” (the coffin is somehow even indecent

Why the scientist believes that the Slavic magician is ready to
wake up? In this world, nothing happens by chance, right now
critical times come when everything shows us about the beginning
fundamental change in the world. And according to legend, the world will change to
to the best after waking up 4 ancient magicians who are
for centuries in anabiosis. And the magician Radomir is one of them. Where are the others,
we do not know, but this is not even particularly important: everything will be fulfilled in its hour
and as prescribed from above …


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