So all the same, climate was the cause or gravity?

So was climate, or gravity, all the same?Photo from open sources

A new find of the remains of a tyrannosaurus – truly gigantic an animal of antiquity that was twenty meters high and weighed at least eighty tons, casts doubt on previous allegations scientists, why on earth these giants died out at one time.

Argentine find, which was discovered in 260 kilometers from the city of Trelew on one of the farms, caused a real a flurry of controversy in academia. It turns out that a lot of dinosaurs million years ago, not extinct from climate change, as assumed earlier, but due to the increase in our gravity the planet. The fact is that such a huge dinosaur simply could not to move about the present earth, it would collapse from its gravity – these are the fourteen largest African elephants in one animal!

Assuming that the current theory of physicists is about change Earth’s gravity is correct, then all the others are easily explained misunderstandings in archeology: ancient people of very high stature, the construction of giant structures without special equipment and much more. It was a change in the gravity of the planet that could only lead to that the era of the giants ended, and smaller ones came to replace them animals. Like the smaller ones, people.

Today, we recall that the theory that approximately sixty million years ago fell to Earth a huge meteorite that dramatically and forever changed the climate to planet, and for this supposedly reason, dinosaurs just died out. Here only how those giants could travel on land to a meteorite, if you do not take into account the change in gravity? ..

We also offer you to watch the documentary “Death titans, “in which scientists continue this interesting debate – who inhabited our Earth in antiquity, and why the titans still died out?

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