So who sold Alaska to the Americans?

So who sold Alaska to the Americans?A photo from open sources

October 1, 1867 held a formal transfer of Alaska To the United States from the Russian Empire. Oddly enough, but most of our compatriots believe that a deal to sell Alaska turned Catherine II (though some attribute the sale of Alaska to Peter I, and there are those who are sure that only Nikita Khrushchev could do this). To contribute a popular group introduced this myth in the minds of our citizens Lube, who claimed in one of her songs that “Catherine was not rights. “In fact, neither Peter I, nor Catherine II, nor, moreover, Nikita Khrushchev for the sale of Alaska to our sworn friends Americans have nothing to do. It is the merit of the liberating king Alexander II. March 29, 1867 Tsarist Ambassador Baron Edward Andreyevich Stekl and US Secretary of State William Seward signed agreement on the sale of Alaska to America for $ 7 million 200 thousand. It seemed the cunning Americans would have scammed us. Amount per territory, two seconds half the size of Ukraine, it seems not at all big. But it’s not so simple. In those days, the dollar possessed slightly different real value, and $ 7 million 200 thousand before last Century in terms of current money equals $ 8 billion 355 million. In the version according to which Alaska not sold, but leased for 100 years. So it’s time already demand her back. Gentlemen, sadly, the train has already left, and demanding Alaska back is pointless. She was sold forever, and not leased, which is confirmed by the relevant documents.

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