“Spark plug” from Koso, age 500 thousand years

Archaeologists sometimes have to deal with objects, whose origin, other than the existence of a time machine, is not explain. One of these is a mysterious piece of iron, often called the “spark plug” from Koso.

"Spark plug" from Koso, age 500 thousand yearsA photo from open sources

During archaeological excavations, mining operations, and sometimes just by chance in the thickness of the earth are objects that put in deadlock not only miners, but also research scientists. They are received the name of unidentified fossil objects (NIO).

As a rule, NIOs consist of one or another metal. A riddle of these objects lies in the fact that they lie in rock layers, historically coinciding with the times when on Earth, in principle, not could be not only processed, but simply by someone smelted metal.

Such discoveries give rise to some researchers to believe that in the distant past the level of human development was significantly higher than we imagine; what’s in prehistoric times there were highly developed civilizations that subsequently completely disappeared as a result of natural disasters either through the fault of man. The Koso artifact is one of them.

Mineral like a casket

This strange item was found by three Americans in the mountains, located in southern California. In 1961, Mike Michexell, Wallace Lane and Virginia Maxi decided to make another outing into the mountains in Koso area. They often collected different stones there before all geodes are mineral formations with voids inside. Exactly at Geodes often find crystals of semiprecious stones. In young people had a small business – they made jewelry from stones and sold in different cities of California.

The x-ray shows that at the top of the metal rod rests on something resembling a small spring. This allowed attribute the subject to electrical mechanisms.

A photo from open sources

They already managed to collect a certain amount of minerals, when suddenly stumbled upon something unusual in appearance resembling geode. But upon closer inspection, it turned out to be some kind of weird. On her chip were visible the gleaming nacre remnants folds of petrified mollusks. Then geologists explained that these mollusks come from a lake in which thousands of years ago there were so many water, that its level reached the place where young people collected the stones.

At home, taking a diamond saw, buddies tried to cut a strange mineral, hoping to find a valuable crystal in it. But it turned out that this is not so easy. Zheoda was so strong that diamond teeth of the saw were out of order. When is the ill-fated the formation fell into two halves, the gatherers appeared a strange object that did not even remotely resemble a valuable a rock.

Stone age mechanism

Inside was a piece of rounded white ceramic in the center of which was a two-millimeter metal magnet-responsive rod. The ceramic cylinder itself was placed inside a hexagon of rusted copper and some other unknown materials. Seekers drew attention to other strange features of the stone: besides the fact that it was covered fragments of shells, hardened clay and pebbles, even more two non-magnetically metallic a subject very similar to a nail and washer.

Virginia Maxi decided to show the find to the archaeologist. The latter, after some research, determined the age of the find – 500 thousand years. However, this specialist hid his name, probably frightened that he would be suspected of madness.

The only known artifact researcher was scientist Ron. Kalais. He was allowed to photograph the fossils in the usual lighting and under x-rays. They showed that inside the rounded sphere is a metal rod, which rests against a small spring. And all this resembled a certain electric gear. But how could he get into the layer of the breed of the era stone age?

On a sensational find, like flies on honey, began to run adherents of different currents. One of them, the editor of the magazine about paranormal “INFO Journal” Paul Willis, having studied an x-ray of a mysterious artifact concluded that these are “threaded remains of rusted metal”, noting resemblance to a modern spark plug.

At one time, this item was even exhibited at the Museum of Independence Eastern California. But Wallace Lane is one of those who found him, – decided to pick up the exhibit and hid it at home. He stubbornly refused to show it to others and even hear nothing wanted to sell it. Although there were many who wanted to buy an artifact. It is said that one of the buyers offered Lane a crazy one on at times the sum is 25 thousand dollars. But the owner was adamant.

However, after some time, the artifact disappeared somewhere. Since no one saw him.

Numerous attempts to find a strange item have failed. crowned. Many years later, people who discovered an artifact, even put on the national wanted list, but only Virginia was found Maxie. An elderly woman flatly refused to speak as about herself find, and about where she went. By the way, it’s the inexplicable the disappearance and absence of publications about the artifact caused a number of articles on this subject replete with speculation.

Earth and heaven versions

So, in the hands of the tireless seekers of truth were only pictures of geode and verbal comments of the archaeologist who determined The find’s age is 500 thousand years. Different scientists began to put forward hypotheses about how he could have appeared in those days.

Some believed that this item is an unknown product of some kind. technically developed ancient culture, all traces of which have disappeared. Others have suggested that this is part of the superantenna. Were expressed speculation that the metal mechanism is an ancient candle ignition that was part of some mysterious ancient apparatus created by representatives of developed civilization.

Curiously, the editor of INFO Journal Paul Willis, the first to put forward a hypothesis about a spark plug, could not understand which the spring performed the same functions, because in modern spark plugs do not use anything like that. “Perhaps this is a device for communication, a kind of direction finder or some kind of tool using energy, the principles of which we do not know anything, “- especially exalted seekers spoke. Thus artifact Overgrown with hypotheses, one more fantastic.

Since the disputed object is forever lost, you can consider more earthly version of its origin. Moreover, when primary research on the Coso artifact, Virginia Maxi stated that the facility was most likely no more than 100 years old. She believed that this is an object that first lay on a muddy bottom, then dried in the sun and eventually acquired the form in which it found.

Studying the origin of the Koso artifact, writer Pierre Stromberg and geologist Paul Henry noted that at the beginning of the XX century in the mountains of Koso mining was carried out, which means they could used internal combustion engines.

Artifact from Koso and Ford’s spark plug (right) for comparisons

A photo from open sources

To test their hypothesis, the researchers tried identify the item by contacting the collector’s community candles of America. They sent letters and copies x-ray artifact to four different collectors candles that did not know anything about the find and never before not seen these photos.

Collectors independently came to the same thing. conclusion: this is an incendiary candle of the 20s of the XX century from Ford model T, which was probably modified for use in mining in the Koso Mountains. Degree of decay artifact is almost fully consistent with the rate of deterioration spark plugs of that era.

Thus, the Koso artifact has lain in the mountains for no more than 40 years. It turned out that the “spark plug” was not enclosed in stone, but in iron ore nodules. The formation of such an ore kidney, probably happened faster: storms blew away the caustic “mineral dust “from the bottom of a dried lake, and it settled on nearby highlands, where the artifact was found.

However, proponents that the artifact from Koso is evidence the existence of ancient civilizations, we are sure: experts say a lie in order to calm the world. After all, explain this riddle they cannot, and therefore it is better to declare all this falsification.

Irina Erofeeva

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