Speleologists discovered a historical entrance in Crimea to the cave “Tauris”

In the Crimea, cavers discovered the historical entrance to the caveA photo from open sources

Scientists who discovered the historical entrance to the Crimean cave “Tauris” do not exclude that during archaeological excavations they can find the remains of an ancient person. I told the publication about this RIA “Novosti” Gennady Samokhin, who is the chairman Russian Union of Speleologists.

According to Samokhin, the archaeological group conducted necessary geophysical surveys on the surface and identified the place where the historical entrance to the cave is located.

This place is a grotto or a group of grottoes, which be at the entrance to the cave from about a million to one and a half million years ago. This entrance was used by animals and it is possible that a man once lived in him, while he did not go deep caves.

The use of modern devices during the study gives Scientists confidence in their assumptions. In the next steps scientists are preparing to open the entrance to the cave and carefully study it. Researchers do not exclude that traces remained in the cave stay of animals or humans.

Tavrida Cave, which was discovered in the Belogorsky district of Crimea, is a karst cavity whose length is more than kilometers. Previously, Crimean cavers found remains in the cave different types of animals.

Earlier, ESOREITER talked about Russian cavers who descended to a depth of 2212 meters.

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